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Flower auction

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10035 Lilacs
2873 White Asiatic Lilly
21549 Blue Berries
3262 Wheat
5536 Daffodils
15834 Impatiens
11229 White Chanterelle
1378 Red Snapdragons
12252 Blue Star Flower
2329 Cactus
45919 Dandelion
3910 Tulips
3722 Swamp Candles
9005 Chrysanthemum
9980 Toadstool
5877 Tiger Lilly
746 Black Rose
21580 Red Currents
29158 Poison Ivy
62749 Mullein
42389 Wormwood
41535 Nightshade
2243 Red Rose
35532 Tree Mushroom
1691 Ogre Toes
2777 Yarrow
1280 Valerian
32787 Henbane
1126 Mugwort
36143 Poppies
28652 Rue


1 sale, auction will run until sunday 09-10-2016, I will deliver them from monday on. I will hold the right to NOT sell them if the price is too low

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