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Beast Mortals - a randomized Boss Mob

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Selain has mastered the ability to summon beastly clones of mortals and place them on the mortal realm to wreak havoc as a new randomly formed Boss Mob.


And it would require no new graphical work. :-P

How it works:

A Beast Mortal is a randomly selected player (of any stats, newb or pro), given extreme stats:

1- Certain Attributes get multiplied by ? (to be determined and tweaked)
2- The Beast Mortal wears whatever gear the player happens to have on at the time it's created (added randomness)
3- The Beast Mortal is 1.5 times the size of the normal player <actor_scale>1.5</actor_scale>
4- The Beast Mortal gets additional stats based on the gods the normal player is worshipping
5- The Beast Mortal name is the name of the player with (Beast) after it, like Leonard's (alpha)
6- The Beast Mortal's HP is determined as a multiple of their max HP at the time of creation (incl. armor bonuses)
7- The Beast Mortal will have <ghost>yes</ghost> (as marked in xml files), which on a player char just makes them glow
8- The Beast Mortal may be given mana and essences to perform certain magics (magic god could allow for more or additional magic)

- A Beast Mortal's drop is random, based on its stats. Better stats = better drops, obviously

- The Mortal should be chosen from players who logged in during the past... two weeks? Month?

This would reduce the bad feelings that may arise by selecting a player who is known to have passed away in real life, for example. (Would need to avoid Bot chars as well.)


Beast Mortals are a different kind of boss mob, so even the weakest mortal's Beast version would be quite powerful.

The big difference with normal mobs is that they can be different every time, depending on the random player chosen, and what they happen to be wearing at the time of their being chosen, or even if they've switched gods or leveled up since the last time they were chosen.

Intentionally left blank:
- Attribute multiplication - would need to be tweaked
- Drops - While it would be boss-level drops, there would need to be "levels" of drops based on the Beast's stats, so could be very different between a "newbie player" Beast and a "top a/d player" Beast.

If this can't be done directly, xml files could be made for the next update (using ex: beast_elf_male.xml for a normal playerav_elf_male.xml) and hopefully bluap could do any additional code if needed to turn what is normally a player char into a non-player entity.

Below Example: TwistedSister doesn't dare take on the newbly-dressed Burn (Beast). ;-)
(Image taken using my Test server setup, with ghost and actor_scale changes to the male elf xml.)
Just pretend that "Burn" is a red name, heh.



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A touch of randomness in building the Beast stats, max possible stat limitation (likely necessary to avoid something unkillable) and so on should be enough to keep the precious private stats private. Won't get any info via the Beast other than "it's a strong char", the same as can be gotten just from the normal char.

Considering how many high a/d players keep their stats private, avoiding them completely would nullify the whole idea.

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Then perhaps just don't name the beast after the player (more or less) graciously donating his stats.


That would eliminate most of the fun of the whole thing.

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Better for it to be started with MOD characters to work the kinks out; maybe then ask for volunteers.

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This is a really great, FUN! & creative idea!


It brings something new, challenging - and HILARIOUS! - to the game without needing massive amounts of re-working / coding etc. Yes, it will obviously take work to get it done & some further tinkering to get it running bug-less & smoothly, but seriously - what a fantastic idea!



As for volunteer characters for the initial stages of it to make sure it's all working right...





In short: this idea is approved (WHOLEHEARTEDLY!!!) by the Make FairyTail Bigger & Fightier Association Of Eternal Lands (current membership: 1) \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/




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