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Careful who you enter for in 80-100

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I'll take this as a shame on me for not getting a statement of pay before hand, but people don't generally enter out of the goodness of their heart. I am going to delete names only because of this and only post this as a warning to others.



[14:57:23] [xxxxxxx @ 6]: need 2 enters/fighters for 80-100 instance. pm me please
Hourly time-stamp: log continued at 2015-12-25 14:57:26 localtime (Pacific Standard Time)
[14:58:00] [PM to xxxxxx: my alt can be an enter, I jsut need to bring him on]
[14:58:07] [PM from xxxxxxx: yes please.]


xxxxxxx was notified, now wait to see if s/he wants to trade with you.
[15:17:30] xxxxxxxx: what

[15:17:46] Eaglet: pay?
[15:17:48] [xxxxxx @ 9123]: right
[15:17:50] xxxxxxx: no paymebt
[15:17:52] xxxxxxx aborted the trade.
[15:18:01] [xxxxxxx @ 9123]: Yeti
[15:18:09] [Eaglet @ 9123]: what?
[15:18:11] [xxxxxxxx @ 9123]: i can give you 5kgc after instance is done
[15:18:15] [xxxxxxxx @ 9123]: we didnt agree on payment
[15:18:56] [Eaglet @ 9123]: 10k is normal enter fee, don't ask again



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