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Not the standard client.


There is a limited client for android available: information about the latest version is here, but you might need a forum account to access that thread.

The client itself is on github.


And when I say "limited", I mean it: harvesting is possible, as are chatting, mixing and walking around

(though chatting with an on-screen keyboard isn't for me). Fighting and ranging aren't possible as far as I

know, which makes participating in invasions, invances and instances impossible.


There might be more limitations, but as I hardly use the Android client, I don't know about them.

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You can not interact with daily NPCs or Joker :P

You can use potions and rings, but not spells.

You do not see your surroundings, just a 2D-map with colored dots with names for creatures and squares with icons for harvestables.

Text console does not chow the ch being posted from

The thread on the original client can be found here: http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=58602

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