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the true tale of wenyadur

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"Don't worry...", she said as she gently drew him closer. And he sat down next to her, on the bed, to allow the feeble light of the hand to cover her belly. It was the last light of the house and already the shadows, darker than dark, crowling in from the night, were gathering around it, whishpering it their curses and doom... He had tried everything he knew, but their gods seemed to have hidden themselves, taking the magic of the stars with them. "Don't worry..."...As he stood there, with his fingers barely touching her skin, waiting for his light to fade away, it seemed as if he was leaning on her...on a hope he could no longer imagine... Then, for a moment, he thught he saw a glow, answering from inside her! "Did you feel that?", she said, "He is smiling..." And since that night in Mortia, when the child was born, he smiled for a while. For a little while, until the shadows of Claw and of Lock and of Pendant, darker than dark, grew strong enough inside to take over his glow.


And then, well... for many years there was nothing he cares to remember about. This weedy tree waiting and waiting its time to bloom among the others wasn't him... Still, there is something he keeps in his heart. There was one time of bloom, although no one knew. He was still far from the last shadow to overcome, from the last wall to climb until he would see the Sun. But one day he thought he saw It. Her. The star of the mountain, the most beautiful. His half-closed heart filled with light and the glow answered, one more time. And again, the smile stayed for a while. A bit longer this time, although he could never look at her again, not as he would have wanted. Such love was not allowed under heaven. Then, of course, at some point, the shadows overcame. And well... he went on, growing towards a Sun he no longer believed he could reach. He tried now and then to think that he saw It, but somehow it seemed that the glow had chosen her and so truly, there could be no other as beautiful as the most beautiful.


Eventually he redrew from the world, but the gods kept him waiting still many years before giving an answer. And no, they did not want him up there. They sent him back into the world. When the time was right... Much of what was taken from his life was given now back, except that which one has to earn by his own efforts. And except the lost years, of course; although, they might have thought that, for an elf, it was not such a great loss... The answer came perhaps through the grace of Elandria. Perhaps it was she who took the shape of his beloved, as the love as fresh as in the beginning; and guided his last steps out of darkness. Of course, he was to figure that out only later. Having went through his kind of life made him in no way more deserving to know the minds of the gods than the other mortals. And so, for a while, all he knew is that he returns to the world for her, to... love her... somehow. And Aluwen, perhaps, added: to better himself, in all ways, so as to become worthy of a love like hers; although love was not promissed. To live for her, not for himself. This was the answer of the gods.


And so, he found himself learning about life from the beginning, starting among the unqualified on Isla Prima. Often the becoming as someone she would find agreeable takes the form of the difficult lessons of the earth: of great patience, of unshaken diligence, of harsh discipline and slow, deliberate calculations. He follows this path joyfully because, having known her in one special way all this time, he feels half-dwarf in his soul. And because he has the conviction of his life's purpose. The shadows return from time to time, to confuse his judgement, to trouble his dreams, to hide the glow. But somehow he always finds his way out of the caves, taking out with him, wrapped in his heart, some shining stone of the past, from when she smiled, or when she was kind, or when she sought his company for a little while, as would a friend.


And after his long work, and after meeting friends and sharing in the things of this world, how would the story end? He knows that he will be happy, whenever the story will have to end. To follow his path makes him happy. And the gods are pleased. And there is harmony in the world.

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