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The New C2 Arena - Advanced Trainers

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Now that there's Targets, something can be said about the c2 arena.


Lower-level rangers, those without perks, those who have no night visor are currently recommended to use the Grubani arena.

Advanced trainers that normally stand too far from the Target in Grubani should definitely switch to Irsis.


Mid-Range rangers... experiment in it a bit (see #4 below), with night visor preferably. See if you can find a sweet spot better than your average in Grubani. (I did.)



1) Indoors, so no light changes. However, you have pretty low perception (will be brightened more in next client). You'll stand closer to Target here than on Grubani.


2) Night Visor Highly recommended unless you have extremely high Perception.


3) Wilhelm Hood and/or Sharpshooter perks could be handy to have in this arena, at least until next client.


4) Take some time to experiment with positions. The lighting makes for different ranging than in Grubani. You may find a position with lower success rate than you're used to in Grubani can still give better average exp per arrow.


And if you can find that sweet spot, it's good for all 6 hours, no worries about day/night.



5) YOU CAN BEAM OUT! You cannot use magic in the entrance area, but after you've used your arena ticket and trained you can tele to portal for a much quicker return to storage.




Remember: For training, it's your average exp/arrow that matters, not your success rate percentage.




Just some generic advice from first time using it. Your mileage may vary.

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