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Sallos is located in Portland [224,113]
Treasure finder 125 40.0 gcsold
Hellspawn removal 3 450.0 gcsold
Ring of White Stone 39 130.0 gc
Bronze Sword 3 10000.0 gc
Polished Sapphire 1919 18.0 gcsold
Physique Removal Stone 2 10000.0 gc
Gatherer Medallion 5 9500.0 gc
Inorganic Removal Stone 1 950000.0 gcsold
Serpent Stone 1 9300.0 gc
Orange 1 10000.0 gcsold
Invasion Token 3 11500.0 gc

True Sight Potion 135 60.0 gcsold

Life Essence 1492 5.0 gcsold
Bones 2780 2.0 gcsold

Death Essence 1995 14.0 gc

Daily cooldown reducer 8 34500gc

Vitality Removal Stone 1 67000gc

Golden Star Mace 1 3500gc


potion of extra mana 88 380.0 gc
enriched death 10 3700.0 gc
binding stone 2 23000.0 gcbought

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Even bots on private servers can be referenced by Greypal's query bot (IRON does it).

There's even a link on the page,

under the crypic text "How to add my bot to querybot".

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