hello eternal people,

so, recently i got 1.9.4 version of EL, since old one stopped working.
i use gimp 2.8, with dds extention
and i am on gnu system.

on m$ windows you have my Docs/Eternal lands/custom/player/your_toon/your_meshes.dds
on gnu is simmilar ~/.elc/and the/rest of/the path/is same

before, i could put my meshes directly into /usr/share/games/eternal_lands/meshes
(on m$ wins would be program files/eternal lands/meshes)
and my meshes worked just fine, localy of course.

now, the procedure as i understand it, should be (on m$ wins)
copy mesh from Program files/Eternal lands/meshes/the_one_i_wanna_change.dds to my Docs/Eternal lands/custom/player/your_toon/the_one_i_wanna_change.dds
and play with it.

and when saving you should do overwrite, instead of export as...
(tho that did not matter before for me, i did exported, with no compresion and default format)

I would kindly ask for conformation:
copy mesh to your document/.../meshes folder,
open it with gimp and do no change, just overwrite it.

does it work?

Thank you