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1.9.4 Maps - Common Questions and Issues

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Answers to several questions/issues that keep popping up in 6, in my PMs, and so on...



1) I'm only seeing the official client tab maps. What happened to my Olivine/BS/unofficial maps?

If you installed them using the instructions on EL-wiki, ( http://el-wiki.net/Custom_maps) into a 1_9_3/maps/ folder, rename 1_9_3 to 1_9_4.


If you installed them directly into client's maps folder (which includes the elm.gz files)... don't do that, updates will overwrite them. Go to the wiki link above, download the unoff maps of your choice, and install them per the instructions you find there.



2) Will I see new 1.9.4 locations on the TAB maps?


Only if those tab maps are updated. See the wiki link above for details.



3) When wil the BS/Olivine/(unoff) maps be updated?


Only the creator of those maps know. They're unofficial and player-made.



4) I keep falling into holes everywhere!


This means you have a bad installation, and somehow the maps on your system are still the 1.9.3 maps.


Thus far this has only happened to those who have compiled the GIT client themselves.


Compiling for the client update is not enough. You also need the new data files. Download those here: http://twinmoons.org.uk/el/rel/194/EL-1.9.4-all-datafiles.zip


Unzip that data pack where you want the install to be. Place your self-compiled binary in the top directory of that folder (same directory that has el.ini)


Open el.ini and set the data path to where your binary is.



5) Where's all the new stuff?


For starters, there's a new fenced-in arena on the main Irinveron map. As well, somewhere in Irinveron is a *huge* new cave.


Irsis, Melinis, and Sedi are other maps you may find new buildings and/or caves.


There's more on other maps as well. In fact, one of the largest additions is on none of the above maps. Seek and ye shall find. ;-)

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Just to add to what Burn said about holes, if you had previously installed the maps directly into the 'maps' directory in the old client, don't make the mistake I did and think you can just copy your 'maps' directory from the old client, it will break things.


That directory contains the map graphics and the map data too, so you'll overwrite the updated data files with old ones and you'll end up with holes everywhere.


Easily fixed, just reinstall the client again or grab the 'maps' directory out of the all-datafiles zip file that Burn linked to, then follow the wiki instructions for installing maps that Burn pointed to in his post.

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