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Old PC No sound Windows xp

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I have a custom built pc with an old setup, ms-6380 motherboard, amd athlon xp 1800+ processor, 2 gb ddr333 pc2700 ram, Ati4350 8x/4x video card with 512mb ddr3 memory and 180p plus hdmi support.


EL client works fine on machine, sometimes a bit choppy if I open a web browser and client at same time.


I have put the sound files in the program files\eternal lands\sound\ directory (actual files in that directory, NOT a folder within that directory). I am not getting any sound. the "sound device" is blank in the settings but I am told that this setting is a generic option that is specific to linux but not used in the windows client. I have enabled, sound, music, everything, turned everything up to 1 and have my speakers up. all sound settings in volume control configured appropriately.


I have no sound whatsoever. How do I get sound?


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corrupted zip file.


Ok. I have it resolved. evidently the zip file was corrupted some how. It still downloaded and unzipped into the eternal lands directory, so I am not sure what was wrong, but after downloading the sounds file again and unzipping it again, and selecting to overwrite everything, it is now functional.


Apologies for the post.


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