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USB 3.0 and Windows 7 Technical Problem

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I ran into a problem recently. Maybe someone will read this and know the answer to the problem.


Windows 7 is by default not supporting any USB 3.0 hardware. This means that driver from the manufacture need to be installed. Ok done that. When I connect an external harddrive 2,5" over USB 3.0 I experience sudden disconnects. The disconnect can happen randomly and even in the middle of a data transmisson. Then suddenly the path does not exist anymore. It's like the HD has been unplugged.

Further steps I did were:


1) Bios update (risky)

2) Checked my energy settings - no energy safeing


The problem remains. Some people say that the HD has not enough power and no HD without external power connection should be used at all. Other people say that the problem is in incompatiblity with XHCI standard (0.96 and 1.00)


Offical statement: http://www.intel.com/support/chipsets/usb3/sb/CS-033962.htm

However I have an AMD chipset


And that is exactly my problem. It works flawlessly with USB 2.0 ! The HD is fully functional (I checked SMART values). Does that mean USB 3.0 can not deliver enough power but USB 2.0 can ??


So What is going on ?

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USB 3 can deliver more power over the cable too. What kind of computer is it? Is it a laptop? Does it have other usb devices plugged in too?


At least on my laptops the USB 2 (don't have 3) ports are not separate ports but are on a USB hub like those external hubs you can buy if you have more devices you want to plug in than ports available. So, the hub can only deleiver a total power out of one USB port even though it has 3 USB sockets.


Could this be your problem? Do you have other devices plugged in at the same time as the disconnects?


Don't know Windoze so can't help on that side

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OKey, i returned the harddrive and got one from a different manufacture. It's working without problems now ! Same hardware configuration.


The computer is a laptop with 4 usb connectors, two on each side. Only one connector is blue. I use a bluetooth stick and external soundcard normally. The power adapter for the laptop delivers 90Watt.


I can only speculate what the problem was. But this kind of problem is not rare. You will find many people who have the same problem. And there seems to be no real solution in all the help-forums I read. But hey.. there will be USB 3.1! They are not backward compatible and the connectors come in a different shape. They are in competition with Thunderbold (Apple). You will start seeing them in 2015 soon. (10 Gigabit/s)


Picture is from: http://www.golem.de/news/typ-c-den-neuen-usb-stecker-mit-dem-klick-und-usb-3-1-ausprobiert-1409-109146.html


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