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a sneak preview

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Ok, the story is the same, except for it's a story in a story. Here's what will be going on. I am going to be finding the highest ranking EL players, and they're going to be a council that summons these 4 adventurers. 1 of the adventurers is going to be an old man (either an elf or a half elf) he is our story teller and he'll be the person to lead them to their destination. I will also need a mage and for those he don't know what a mage is, they're people who use magic. The mage will help protect them on their journey to stop an evil force that is taking over el. Ok, next i will need a big tough (either human or dwarf). This character in the story will be annoying the storyteller often, also he has to have pretty high lvls in attack and defense. I would like for him to be 30+. Ok, last but not least, I need a girl. She will always think she is right, and she looks up to the storyteller.

I would like these ppl to relate to their character, if not a lot, just a little. Thx guys, I hope to hear from you. I will be talking about this in EL mostly on the general conversation channel (#jc 4) but I may not be on, so plz post here if you would like to be in the story.


Below is a sneak preview. What’s in blue print is where the real people start talking.

this has been updated, all the parts have been taken, and i thank those people for their cooperation. :D




The night was like no other night. Not a single mind or body was at peace. It seemed as if the dead had arose. Something was not right. Not right at all. The wind howled louder then it ever had, and the ground shook below our feet. We all hid in fear, even the most bravest of all. There was no escape for what would happen this night.

Everyone knew what would happen, and why it would. War had spread throughout the nations. Neither elves, dwarves, or humans got along anymore. There was always a battle. Sometimes over the stupidest of things, or the most important. This day the gods would make the nations pay for what they had done to each other.

(A few nights before) Lord Vermor sat in his castle thinking about who else would come to his castle and dare try to fight his gargoyles, as this happened daily. “All fools,†he thought, “they should know that they can’t get into my castle as hard as they try.†Thieves would come and try to steal his gold, as he was very wealthy.

There was a loud pounding upon his door. “I told you fools to let me be!†he shouted. It must be my gargoyles, he thought. The pounding came even louder then the last one. “Why don’t you answer my servant?†he asked while getting frustrated. This time the pounding became so loud that it echoed throughout the castle. Lord Vermor now became frightened.

He stood up from his throne. Then shouted, “Who are you, and what do you w-want?†he tried not to stamper, but his fear took over. The castle door then collapsed and a bright light then swarmed into the throne room and swept Lord Vermor back into his throne! The light was so blinding and painful that he thought it may just turn to fire and burn him to a pile of dust! He tried to scream, but no sound came out. The light then went down into a simple glow. It was the Wraith.

Lord Vermor remained speechless and dumbfounded while sitting in his throne. The Wraith had no expression on his face just solid. Lord Vermor then came to his senses. “W-what do you want?†he asked.

“I have came to warn you.†answered the Wraith

“Warn me? Warn me about what?â€

“This is ridicules!†I never once in my life have heard of such a stupid thing!†shouted Wuttaa in a disgusted tone.

“Will you just shut up Wuttaa! He is trying to tell a wonderful and exciting story, and you keep on interupting him!†shouted LadySubaru.

“People, people, please calm down! I can not concentrate on this magic shield if you keep on shouting! Besides it’s dark, and if you want those evil things to come after us, then I suggest you keep it down!†shouted bolan. Wuttaa made a big huff, sat on a moss covered rock, and stared into the darkness.

“Back to my story now, that’s if you’re still interested...†said djv.

“Yes, please continue,†prompted LadySubaru.

“There will be a night when all is gone. Gone to an end, but if shall settle, lives will stay the same. If not mettled with, this world will come to an end, an end in which you shall live and die again.†said the Wraith without caring.

“I-I-I don’t understand! What are you rambling on about you old hag?†The Lord was starting to get frustrated and just wanting for the wraith to just leave him be.

“You have been warned! Change this world before it changes you!†and with that the Wraith left the empty castle, with an angry Lord.

“What am I supposed to do? I just enjoy seeing lives taken by my Gargoyles. What else can a man want?†he laughed to himself thinking about what the Wraith had said to him. That chuckle had a bit of fear under it, he knew what the Wraith meant. “Why should I care what will happen to them? I am just fine with that!†and with that he was off to his royal slumber.




Ok, the part where the charcters are at now is when the older man (djv) is telling the story.

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ok, all the parts have been taken so, thx for your cooperation guys! I promise that you'll love the story!

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Ok, for those of you who are wondering, the parts go as:


people of the council

broken as the greatest harvester

ogerawa as the head of the mages

frak as the head of manufacturing

meizterz as the head of the summoners

whitediablo as the head of the defenders

mono as the head of the alchemist

and i still need to ask tornado and teh banned 0n3na (you know so it would be ok to put there names in the story)

teh banned 0n3na would be the head of the crafters and tornado as the head of the attackers.


The Main Characters


the mage as Bolanlongpants

the tough guy and the brother of the girl as wuuttaa

the girl and the sister of wuuttaa as LadySubaru

the old man (also known as the storyteller) as djv


The apperances of the characters may change just a little bit in the story for it to fit in there correctly.

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VERY GOOD, kat! This is something I really like - originality, and interesting ways of relating the storyline to characters currently playing. Keep going!




P.S. Oh, and watch out for those minor grammar and spelling errors along the way.

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