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We all pay the same price for Rosto's, why don't we all get equal fun?

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The 80-100 invance...giants are only 650 HP. they don't mirror and they don't have igitd. Just get someone with high enough HP to flee tank it with MoL and SoP (and extra mana potions)while the rest range it (shield + sword don't help here because you won't be blocking anyway). Don't try to multi melee it. It would also help if people can remote heal the tank (will and reaoning pots help).



Ok hussam, now calculate how much u spended for do it.. giants drop ~300gc, it worst then tank flee Mare bulas on 120-145 or 145+... where the expenses are paid and sometimes still have profit... i say about it... The lower ranges are not stimuli


It was said a LONG time ago that invance's were not in the game for people to make money they are here for you to learn to work as a team and the xp.. there are a lot of reasons lower level caps don't have bosses and most of them are good Really I think most people would be fine if the mbs were taking out of the 120-145 and 145-200 they just slow you down and thats why they are in there.


Same thing with invasions they are not in the game to make money they are here for us to have fun Yeah there is a really big hole with the 141-159 players and I know most can't do uncapped invasion I own a 150s and I know I can't do uncapped but it doesn't stop me from going every now and then



If you really want to make money get a team and do the instance's I know I loved to do the 60-80 80-100 the 100-120 needs a little work done to it but invance/invasions they are not for money.. If you have a good team of people you can make a lot of money in this game you just have to know how to do it.

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@Hussam, i say about the risk, if u die on 80-100 dont have a "boss" for help with drops.. and anothers invance have it

Last week saw i player from LSD die 3 times on 80-100 invance, burn 3x 70kgc (on rostos)..

I saw tankers breaking stuffs tanking giant, burning resourses, rangers burning too.. and nothing to pay it.. some players prefer not to go for it


@Trueman but the problem is the same what i say, the prejudice if die.. why u re risk 70k+ for get low money on invasion, and why risk the rosto for get xp less then do a Easy one daily? Low range invances give low xp too.. dont have big reward and risk is the same



I guess all this problems would solved if the proposals of RM were heard, and if Maxine idea about can invade instance mobs too

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