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antisocial perk

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Zamirah, you didn't quote the final line I wrote after that, about it being "grandfathered".

What was meant by that was that the free pp's would be for anyone without the perk.

Those who have the perk already would lose it but keep the pp's, as removing pp's that are likely not available would be troublesome for most players.

A reset would kill them though regardless, and have to be re-earned through the suggested on-OA basis.

(For this grandfathering, it would just mean radu would have to keep the info on "who has the perk" in his database, so only those without it would get the bonus PP's on OA. Code-wise, not difficult.)

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my suggestion would be that if you have anti-perk, any dialogue with NPC closes with 25% chanve by click, any trade with PC ist aborted unsuccessfully with 25% chance and so on. that wold be annoying, as being antisocial is.

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