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High Explosive Mine - Not quite getting the expected damage

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I never tested this before getting the No Hope perk, so I can't tell if it's the mine itself not giving the correct damage, or if it's the No Hope perk incorrectly implemented on just this one mine.







My Eng level is 115. 115/5 = I should be getting a bonus 23 damage on mines/trops.


As well, No Hope perk which seems to give a 12% bonus.



As can be seen in the image, the calculations work for caltrop, small mine, and medium mine.



The High Explosive Mine though, with perk should be giving 165 damage. Instead as can be seen I'm getting only 135 damage, which is less than calculated even without the perk.



Test conditions: All 4 of the above were tested at the same time. I was completely nekkid, no items of any kind worn. So if anything were to affect a test, it should have affected all of them. Only these 4 items were tested, so I don't know about RC mines, or other perk-influenced items.



Something's definitely off though.

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Addition: I tested on Test server, where I don't have the perk yet.


I got the correct damage there (145 with level 104 without perk).



So, it would appear this damage issue is related to the "No Hope" perk implementation on the High Explosive Mine.

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So you got more dmg on test without the perk and despite being a lower eng lvl ....?

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