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1 Black Dragon Scale
1 Red Dragon Scale
1 Ice Dragon Scale
104 Potion of Evasion
53 Potion of Accuracy
98 Invisibility Potion
4 Harvester Medallion
116 Brown rabbit fur
3 Snow Leopard fur
68 Fox Fur
5124 Bones
9 Red Snake Skin
36 Skunk fur
72 Falcon Feather
107 Rat tail
21 Feran Horn
112 Beaver fur
18 White rabbit fur
168 Green Snake Skin
141 Wolf Fur
69 Racoon fur
796 Raw Meat
6 Hawk Feather
25 Puma Fur
5 Bear Fur
21 Deer Fur
13 Deer Antlers
19 Brown Snake Skin
32 Black panther fur
1 Sslessar Summoning Stone
2 White Tiger fur
10 Leopard fur
3 Tiger fur
1 Polar Bear Fur
15 Cockatrice Feather
2 Body Piercing Cloak
2 Mirror Cloak
3 Monster Magnetism Cloak
37 Orange
1 Palomino Whistle
11 Grapes
3 Book of Titanium/Steel Short Sword of Ice
1 Book of Accuracy
1 Book of Titanium/Steel Long Sword of Magic
6 Book of Titanium/Steel Short Sword of Fire
-200k iron ore 2gc each
- 4 Gatherer medallion 13k each
- Vials 5.5 gc each
-Enrichment stones
-Steel Greaves
-Radio tit long
Leave your offers here or catch me in game : Chaos, Mg_Mixer, Wladcabelzebuba, JkHarver
Edited by DevilPL

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Im sure you not playing at pk server :hiya:


Whoops, got me there :fire:

I was somewhat perturbed by your rather "abnormal" price suggestions, but the nature of your eternal world explains it, admittedly :happy:

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