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The Circle Guild ~O~ - 7th Anniversary

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The Circle Guild ~o~ is proud to be celebrating its 7th Anniversary in EL today!


It's been another year and the game wouldn't be same if not for our loyal guildies and friends. I'm very proud of each and everyone and cherish your companionship and friendship over these years.


The Circle continues to be "An autonomous & honorable fellowship for the relentless pursuit of excellence in all faculties through mutual aid!"


To learn more about ~o~ please visit our forum at





- marack

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Congratz Circle babes:) You do have a history behind you and, for sure, a nice future:)

P.S. John, next invasion we go again spanking RD - if any;) - so make sure you stock up with pka:p. I'll try to put Viper orchan ass at work and, eventually, get him a decent sword to cope with pinkie infestations.

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