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Wrong door colors...

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Thought I would post this since its still around for me.


The secret area on Kusamura map, has 9 rooms each with 4 doors. The far right door is meant to be YELLOW if i recall, because that was the color I remember

many years ago, when using ATI linux blob driver I think, but I only see greenish ones via mesa drivers since forever.

I've tested it with three mesa v10 drivers today, the basic software renderer driver, plus the gallium llvmpipe and r600 radeon drivers.

Also under the mesa radeon driver I turned off lots of graphic features just to see if entering the rooms would change the door color. But that has no effect.


So are these mesa drivers wrong or is the client code doing out of spec opengl that the OLD binary blobs are ok with? or is the 4th door meant to be green now?

Anyone want to check the door colors with their drivers?


PS: The door was yellow on a machine that had a Mobility Radeon 9700, for anyone that wishes to check using binary drivers with similar graphics.



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Dark asked me to verify the colors in this room. Right or wrong, I see the same thing pictured above: red, brighter-green, blue, darker-green. This is on a Win-7 system with Nvidia graphics.

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Same for me

Video card: AMD Radeon HD 7640G

Vendor ID: ATI Technologies Inc.

OpenGL Version: 4.2.12422 Compatibility Profile Context


From memory there always were two green doors..

Win 8.1

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I've recalled them to always be those colors as well.

(FTR for any devs reading, the color never comes into question in any of the secrets of that area. So there's no reason for them to be any specific color.)

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