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Redeemer - Less Critical

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Working Name: Less Critical


Cost Possibility: Considering the nature of it, and relative to current Redeemers, pretty high. Achievements that are more mixer-oriented, which would include harving. Unfortunately mixing achievements are rare (that can be redone, finishing mixing tutorials are one-time):


Herbalist 3

Miner 3

Lucky Crafter 3

Lucky Finder 2

+ whatever item(s) (that aren't already-overused grapes)



Does: "When you fail a mix, there's a slightly less chance it'll be a critical fail."


i.e. If there's currently a 1 in 3 chance a fail is critical, it'll be 1 in 4 instead. (33% to 25% with perk)


Actual implemention depends of course on how it's coded on the server, but something that gives a similar result. Think of it as the mixing equivalent of "Fewer Tears" perk.




Balance: Enough to be worth it, not enough to be overkill or remove the risk involved in a mix.

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