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Semi-complete list of changes since 1.9.3 was released (the case for 1.9.4)

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First post minor updates to make it current.


What should be the final maps have been submitted for final check. Barring anything drastic, we should be ready for a release in about 1 week!

(Again, guess based on current status, don't hold me to it, I don't make the final decision nor can I predict if something bad should occur that could cause a delay, hehe.)

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Will there be a new symbol for Heal Allies Spell, and is there eyecandy ?


Scenario: you are on a map that was modified and you can not log in anymore because server doesnt know your position, which map should we go to for the update ?

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Even if you log off on a specific tile that's no longer walkable, it'll set you to the nearest walkable one within a certain area. (Just like if you log off at PL storage next to NPC during off-peak hours with only 1-2 others in there, and log back in later when it's packed during prime time Joule day you'll have moved to the nearest available position.) As no currently accessible large areas were completely removed, there should be no problem with that.

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