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Looking to join a large guild with Orick and or Jr_

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I'm taking a break from the game for a while and would like to put Orick and Jr_ into a large guild... **** guild will be removed from the game so the guild Orick joins will have full access to using the new epic events map.... I have talked to a few guilds ingame already and want other guilds to have the opportunity to welcome me into there guild... The only requirements I have are that anyone who wishes to follow me from **** guild be allowed to join as long as they fallow your rules and that the guild have a use for the epic events map, the map comes with guild guarded areas (provided the guild posts a guard bot) the private areas are keyed and the key's are, as of this time, still a secret or are know but expensive and rair... The guild must have active members and active recruiting/acceptance of lower lvl members in order to help the game bring in more people as well as having the ability to host game wide events using the map... If your guild is interested then fill free to PM here on the forums or ingame if you can catch me


Thanks, Orick/Jr_

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alright for now Orick will call [bC] home and in turn they will have control of the epic events guild areas of the map... in a year we will reevaluate and decide if they still need/want the map or we can move it to another guild

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