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A request

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For 4 years now I've kept my record clean and have played following all rules (well, apart from a couple mutes for foul language :whistle:).



As you can see in the above topic, I was restricted from having alts. I'd like to have just 1 alt (undecided when I will make/what the name will be). I've learned my lesson about the issue that's for sure, and am happy with playing the game by the rules. I understand the consequences of rule breaking, and have no wish to ever deal with them again. So I would appreciate it if I would be allowed this.



Valdr is my in-game name now btw :)

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Okay, yes you can have an alt.


In addition to you having a good clean record since then, I appreciate that you have not spammed me every other month whining then begging then arguing then threatening me you'll be a jerk if you don't get your way.



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