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life by zsert

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I remember it like it was yesterday, the sun shinning bright on me. i had been born on isla prima at the beam. my childhood was very boring so i'm gonna skip that part if its alright with you. so then i had turned 16 and i was a tall young man, i had brown hair and i was an elf. i remember i was wearing a black shirt and a white bottom, and i thought i looked deadly hadsome. so i set off on my journey to valley of the dwarfs, i had heard there was a special person who could hold everyones items and for some reason he never leaves that area. well i never questioned that strange fella i just asked him to hold my stuff. so i was on the boat to..., i think it was deep coral?? or dep coal?? no wait i remember it was white stone village...no wait i think it was a city, yeah i remember now it was a city. hey sorry if i cant remember things but this was in my young age, now i'm just a old elf who is mortal. so i arrived there, and i remember fondly a man just like me was at the docks looking for a guide to valley of the dwarfs. so i said "follow me" and i quickly asked his name. his name was menton, and i had asked him it was a funny name. he had told me "oh my parents are elfs but they live in a place called dwarf town.. its a long story" and he didnt tell me that story until later in our journey. so we walked to the next boat and they told us it wasnt a free ride, unlike the ride i had just gotten. so we looked at each other and we thought how are we gonna go if we dont have money. i sure wasnt looking towards being a butler, which was all they had at that city; since there were barely any new job openings. so we looked at the boat and we thought since it's so big we could just sneak on and catch a ride. and it was doable.


more later bye

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