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Server Update 2013-08-26

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[22:47:23] [Riphath @ redacted]: new perk: No Hope

[22:47:37] [Riphath @ redacted]: No Hope increases the damage your mines and some of the wards inflict. You need 50 Minel missions, Low and Medium monsters achievement, and 1 pear.


[23:11:28] [Littlebig @ 6]: I got new Dorel

[23:11:54] [Littlebig @ 6]: must go talk Squint...

[23:14:40] [Littlebig @ 6]: My Steel Long sword broke, and I need a new one. I will pay you 11000 for it!

[23:14:48] [Littlebig @ 6]: Says Squint

[23:24:55] [stivy @ 6]: Titanium/Steel Alloy Long Sword - 7kgc from NPC, Paul in MM blacksmith

[23:25:06] [Littlebig @ 6]: +1 for stivy, it was ti long..so there is error on convo options

[23:25:07] [stivy @ 6]: PL blacksmith*

[23:29:37] [radu @ 6]: ok, the NPC wants Titanium long, not steel long

[23:29:41] [radu @ 6]: just so you know

[23:30:03] [radu @ 6]: will fix the description now, I really hate doing double updates, I am a fucking moron

[23:30:11] [radu @ 6]: same shit last time...


[23:31:37] [PatPatShow @ 6]: radu any hints on the strength of the new monster?

[23:31:56] [radu @ 6]: no hints, go find it

[23:32:44] [Raz @ 6]: so its in game - ie not invasion only?

[23:34:04] [radu @ 6]: yes


[23:36:19] #Message from radu: We will have a short restart in 15 minutes or so to fix some issues

radu: The server will be restarted now, you can come back in a minute or so (I updated the news post)


Posted Today, 05:21 AM

Some bug fixes

New Dorel daily mission

New achievement perk

New monster

Increased the price of the Titanium/Steel Alloy Long Sword to 12k

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