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Dorel daily - Reasons to Skip or Do It

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It was asked in 6 who does Dorel every day. That question is a tricky one because it unfortunately has more that I'll skip than do. And possibly others are thinking the same way.


Providing this info should it be helpful in making Dorel less of a thing to skip.


Just my opinions as feedback, not complaining... got plenty to do with the 4 dailies I regularly do as it is.




1. Apala - Steel Helm - SKIP


Someone said in 6 the new change was 31kgc and 4k manu exp. That's unfortunately still not worth it. (Correct if wrong, I haven't tried it myself and I know 6 isn't exactly a reliable info source.)


Ings for a steel helm are currently at about 38kgc... with hopes you don't crit fail.


End result with that in mind is you're paying 7kgc to get 4k manu experience.


The exact same experience can be gotten, on a *normal day*, by mixing about 58 leather helms.


Just selling those helms to Trik at lowest price of 20gc, that same experience costs about 238gc.


So 7kgc for 4k exp, vs. 238gc for 4k exp.


(1300 base exp for mixing the helm doesn't improve the comparison much.)


Result: Basically put, there's no reward here, just a heavy cost, even with the new update.



2. Gerund - Rare books - Normally SKIP


The 4 original books asked for aren't available like they were when this was first added. Last I checked only 1 was available on any bot for sale. Hunting for the rare book drop just ain't gonna happen.


Basically if I have the book or it's available on a bot for 6kgc or less, I'll do it. Normally that's not the case, and it's skipped.


Honestly I don't see any way for this to be avoided. Don't know what new books have been added yet, but they'll end up the same way.


Result: May be better to just have Telia/Betty buy these books and cut out this part. Book availability makes this an obligatory skip more often than not.



3. Maja - 150 tiger/panther/leopard furs - Normally SKIP


When this was added, these furs were in high abundance as they're otherwise useless. That's not the case anymore due to this daily.


The pay per fur is definitely okay, but now that they're no longer in abundance, 150 furs is hard to come by.


Self-hunting them every time this daily comes up would be seriously time-consuming and frustrating, as there's much quicker ways to earn the gc, and 3k summon experience doesn't make that time worth it either.


The longest Haidir daily takes half an hour or so in best conditions. Hunting 150 of any one of these is much longer than that. Comparisons here should be done to similar Haidir dailies, where you only need 30 leopards/tigers and you get tons more experience in comparison.


Result: This was a good way to clear up the furs gathering dust in storage when first added, but now that's not the issue. May need severe tweaking to reflect that.



4. Zhena - 100 C1 rings - Normally SKIP


The gc is okay, but only if you self-harv everything and mix from scratch. Otherwise it becomes a cost. The combined mixing experience + 3k reward experience is good of course.


While I can do this, and it's possible to be done without being costly, that can only be done with a lot of time. Can take up to 2 hours just to harv all the necessary ings. I have a lot of plans at any given time, so spending more than half an hour on a "daily" doesn't feel worth it no matter how good the reward is.


Result: For this one, I'm sure there's some who feel it's worth it. I may feel differently in the future when I switch my focus to crafting and get that god. I can't provide a suggestion for this one other than maybe cutting it to 50 rings, cutting the gc reward equally.





The others are okay:



5. Rhodica - honeycomb


2gc per honeycomb is fine. A simple harv exercise.


6. Arona - Go to c1 NPC and go back for small xp+gc


Basically a small amount of gc and xp. No problem.






Again, just feedback, not complaining. Attempting to show where the issues lie in this particular daily.

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Same here i basically do not do this daily every day because of the multitude of dailies that i am skipping and needing to wait 2 days for other, this puts it out of my routine for them and i forget about doing checking Dorel. Because of that i changed my system too. Rings i do make if i have the Rings in stock, As i do my mixing in batches on good astro. books quest and helm quest i do skip not only because of price, but because i have different use for my bindings and hydro in mind :P Rather get my manu xp with s2e mixing, that is a small profit even if you buy all ingredients from npc or market. Honey comp and arona quests i do right away. but the Maya quests i will not skip but slowly collect stuff and wait for summons day, its the only way i level summoning


Same just putting in how i do this daily, i like that they are there but its not worth for me to do it on daily basis

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Hello Burn :) Nice topic, here is my feedback:


There were days I was doing dailies day by day - Dorel (and Minel) included. Of course it's not always possible to do them all in one day really, but they were in progress with other stuff and finished asap to be able to ask for another one. Nowadays I don't have much time for play and I hate spend all my free time with just doing dailies and not much time for anything else, so I am just not doing them (any) when I got mood for something else.

But, when I am doing run around, I always ask Dorel for a mission as well. I kinda still like it to do ;) The skip option really rocks.


1. Apala

I was the first person to have the honor to burn first steel helm when we found Dorel, radu was watching it personally haha and asked me if I like it. Oh yeah I did, I made even a small profit and I loved the extra manu exp, as I am no manufacturer and my level is (and was) so low. I have burned 5 or 6 more helms when I found binding stone on bots for fair price and used swords from drops. But then I stopped - bindings were gone or uber expensive and did not want to use my own hydro stock as well.

But nowadays, it's just such pointless quest (no offense). Not questioning binding stones, but with hydro trend that some people even don't bother do all the stuff needed for one hydro bar and buy it from NPC...


2. Gerund

I would equal it to Arona, small easy task with nice gold and extra exp for -1 book noone wants... yeah there were almost no fire and thermal books but the other two still make the quest 50% chance of no skip. I love it, I always run gladly to him to check it. You could even make a small profit when some bots lowered the price after Dorel boom was over.

As you said already, this is not truth anymore - I was shocked when I checked bots lately: there were no titanium short books on bots except one! Why? Market bumping or the new perk really ate all available? I am looking forward to check what the added books are - but will do it like before: when I am able to get a book for fair price, I'll do it, otherwise a skip from me.


3. Maia

I am not doing summoning, I always skip this one. Well, it's similar to Gerund, not so far to run and check what task do you have. Good reward for furs burning. I helped friends with giving away my stock and still got some left (esp. leopard) but there are so few people left doing this quest so the numbers are slowly growing back again.


4. Zhena

One of the best rewarded but it's just soooo time consuming.

With active crafting training far behind me, I do not skip this one and add the rings on my project list while doing some for me or my bot. I like to do rings, but usually it take one or two weeks to finish this one.


5. Rhodica

Agreed no problem here as well, when no honey in storage, I'll wait with the quest and move myself to harvesting it while afk till I got enough.


6. Arona

Small easy task with nice reward in return, perfect to do "in between" while walking through maps for other stuff as well.


:ph34r:As you can see I don't mind to be "stuck" on some quest, I usually skip only helm and furs one ... but got plenty on my counter from the past for the perks, so... not in a hurry :evilgrin:



- remove Apala or give her something non-hydro related, bronze helm can do nicely (EFEs are quite common nowadays, can help to change it slightly back)

- Gerund's books are fine, worked "give it or go" before, can stay it as it is I think

- Maia is ok with me, I would add polar bear furs here

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1. Apala - I did the first one and have not done it since. There is no real reason to make it economically or for experience, Adjusting the reward amount is only a short term solution with inflation in the game. The only reason to make it is for chance of creating Steel Helm of Mana unless you have a customer who wants one. Maybe an occasional special reward from Apala like the vial mold from mule quest would fit but it would need to be very special like special armor.


2. Gerund - if I have the book in storage or a bot is selling it at reasonable price I will do quest. I have a number of Titanium/Steel Short Sword Books in storage for which I have been waiting for Gerund to ask me for and they are still sitting in there after many weeks. What this quest has done is raised value of the books to 10K making it more expensive for those do want to read them to get one. I got of the new Gerund quest book requests and was lucky to be able to find a bot selling it at reward price but doubt it will occur in future. I think the quest should remain but it should be for all of the unmixable swords with no recipes - magical Titanium/Steel Short Swords and Titanium Serpents.


3. Maia - I am not a summoner but do the quest when I have the furs or I can quickly top off numbers to do so. Maybe it is time to add some new creatures to be summoned per her storyline. - Leopards, Panthers and Tigers would fit new addition to the game to be summoned. I agree with Adding polar bears as well but it can not be 200 - no one can carry them all.


4. Zhena - I used to do all before FE prices skyrocketed and now prices have made making C1 rings unprofitable. Only Zhena quest I will do is IP rings and usually I do not even bother with those.


5. Rhodica - pass, lots more profitable things to harvest.


6. Arona - fine now how it is although reward is a bit odd - I can not figure out getting attack experience.

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Gerund: he pays 6k so sell these books off NPC for 12kgc or more?

Maia: she pays 20gc per fur.. so let Henrik sell 'em for 50gce or more (4.5kgc for 4k exp)

moar gold sink \o/

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I can't add to what's been said. All their points are valid. If it's easy and not too costly I do them, otherwise pass.

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I agree with Adding polar bears as well but it can not be 200 - no one can carry them all.


oh hell, totally forgot about that :lipssealed::laugh:

You can take only a few with you, that's not good for usage in a quest then...

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I do the task for Arona, or for Maia, if i have the furs in storage, that depends on Haidirs missions.


All others, too expensive or too time consuming, i don't have hours every day to harvest honey combs (2 hours iirc) or to waste money to buy books from bots or to kill monsters to get them.


Zhena, rings, there was a time, when rings were available at bots for a price where you don't make a loss for a few XP's, but it looks like, they are not available anymore. Making them myself ==> too time consuming



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Maia quest is usually worth when it comes out. Either using furs sitting idle in sto after Haidir quests, or buying some for a little over the price maia pays, it is still a nice extra summon xp.

Other quests IMO are not interesting unless you do the items yourself, and limitations of levels and nexuses may render those completely antieconomic.


Edit: I forgot the Arona library quest, which I also usually do.


Note that you can wait to complete Dorel's quest on special days for extra instant-reward. That makes it a daily you will only do once in a while.


Anyway, I think it's not necessary that each daily is attractive to all players the same. I think it's fine like that : there are specific dailies or NPCs which not all players end up efficient to exploit. Having the option to pass makes Dorel usable by all (not like Xaquelina if you don't have enough EMU to bring the cactuses back :)



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I do most dailies every day, except this one.

1. steel helm. Never done it, still not worth it.

2. rare books. G.c. is ok if I happen to have one or a guildy has it, but usually skipped

3. maia furs. I do a lot of random killing for grapes, so often have the furs. Sometimes wait for summoning day, sometimes skip

4. rings: IP rings I buy, others I sometimes make (takes days), lately skipped due to lack of time

5. rhodica honeycoms. Used to do it, now with other uses for honeycomb and no daily that forces harvest I always skip

6. Arona Easy and fast, always do it right away as part of my usual rounds for dailies etc.


In summary, I only do the last one same day. Others I might do if convenient or leave for special day, but on average I do this daily less than once a week.

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Rare books has turned into a pass, the 2 times I've had it since the update, I cannot find the books on a bot. That one used to be an easy one. I only ever had to pass were thermal and fire sword. I don't know what happened to all the books, except that they were bought up to jack the price.

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