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C++ build errors using Dev++ with MinGW compiler

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I'm trying to compile a program using Dev++ and using the MinGW compiler, Dev++'s default compiler. After I'm done writing the code, everything is typed correctly with no errors or anything. But I am getting these errors:


In function '_mingw_CRTStartup':

[Linker error] undefined reference to '_dys_tls_init_callback'

[Linker error] undefinied reference to '_cpu_features_init'

Id returned 1 exit status

[build Error [Project1.exe] Error 1


Those are the errors that show up at the bottom of my screen when Execute -> Compile and Run. I just downloaded the software today and started trying to learn the language. Maybe it's the installation process?


(hopefully I posted this in the right section of the forums)


hellp :omg:

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As the messages tell you, those are linker errors. It even tells you in which function it found problems.

That means your code compiled correctly -> your code is correct and referenced headers are present and found.


But, one of the compiled files (libraries) needed is not specified when calling the linker.

(I say not specified, as you don't get a 'file not found error', but an 'undefined reference to XX')

Given that the names of the missing functions start with a '_', and the caller is mingw_CRTStartup,

you might either be missing an essential library (essential for MinGW, that is),

or there's an error in your installation or configuration,

or you are using a feature for which you need to install extra parts.


Hard to say more without more information (and I'm not using Dev++ or MinGW myself either, which doesn't help)


(NOTE: the system used in DevC++ is getting a bit old, it seems to be based on GCC 3.4, and current version is 4.8.

That also means that you cannot use the latest C++ features, so perhaps switch to another IDE. I personally like

Netbeans+ the latest MinGW. Or you could try and grab a newer version of MinGW)

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