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Encyclopedia Update

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Hey all. I realize this hadn't been updated recently and we've had quite a few updates, so I went ahead and updated it. Here is the change log:



Added Enriched Energy Essence



Made stats more specific



Added Blue Dragon armour and shield

Added 2nd page for titanium/steel special armors and holam

Added Big Book of Manufacturing

Fixed Typo in life drain shield



Added all new books to my knowledge



Added hyperlinks between capes and the perks they give



Added Enhanced Sun and Enhanced Unicorn Medallions

Added Ring of Morcraven Marsh, Ring of S

Added Big Book of Crafting

Added Turquiose as ingredients for harvester medallion, heaven spawner medallion, MoL, and MoM

Fixed Medallion of Mana image



Added Frost Troll, Legionnaire Orc, and Blue Dragon

Added a/d for all mobs (according to wiki)

Fixed "Yeti" typo on Frost Troll page

Fixed "Uknown" typo on Frost Troll and Blue Dragon page



Added Treasure Finders and Pear Finders

Added Predictor ingredients

Updated poison caltrops EMU

Fixed Night visor tools



Updated amber information



Updated Iscalrith to be Multi-Combat



Updated Horse Whistle information



Added new section "Neutral Perks"

Moved skeptic to "Neutral Perks"

Added Dedicated Harvester



Added Potion of Action Points



Added Little Dragon Blue summoning stone

Added Black Dragon summoning information

Updated Red Dragon summoning information

Updated Yeti, Arctic Chimeran, and Giant summoning stone ingredients and amounts



Added Wizard Hats

Added Vests

Added Dresses

Added Boots

Added Skirts

Added Peasant Dresses

Added Peasant Skirts

Added Doublets

Added Jackets

Added Wedding Dresses/Skirts

Added Big Book of Tailoring



Added Blue Dragon Sword

Updated Halberd and Spear ingredients and stats

Added 3rd page for great sword special weapons

Added Big Book of Manufacturing


The updated version can be found here, make sure you back up your current encyclopedia just in case :P:




Edit: Things listed here are not included in the file above but have been fixed in my file. Once I work through some of the other things people have been bringing up I will repost the file.


Updated caltrop, and snare EMU

Updated training arrow and bolt images

Added Dung Teleporter to misc items




Edited by Rabbitman

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Just for the record:

is this a private project, or do you work with the 'official' encyclopedia group?

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At this moment just a private project. I went through and made updates based on what I remembered has been changed, what was on the wiki, and what others suggested. Official team and anyone who wants to can use whatever they want from this.

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Thanks a lot for doing this Rabbitman.

I have given the link and a few updates of my own to Sir Odie, with a bit of luck there soon will be an update available. Once the encyclopedia is back up to date it should be possible to get a group together to actually maintain it again and do translations to different languages.

Right now there is not really an official team anymore, I hope that will change too.

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Defense predictor formula is wrong. The correct formula is


Defense predictor (1)

Items needed:

3 Gypsums

3 Bones Powders

2 Turqoises

2 Hawk Feathers



good work on the update rabbitman

Edited by bob88

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I just translate encyc, but during it, I found some reference to Elconfig.exe and el.ini files.


I didn't find Elconfig.exe on my EL folder. Any settings in el.ini files not same with inside game options window settings.


Does official version of settings?

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