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Expiring bots (April 2013)

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The following bots expired and need to be paid. If not payment is received by 20th of April, they will be locked and it will cost an extra 10 usd fee to unlock them.

If I made some mistakes, please contact me.




graywolf, Caecus

Mix_And_Kill, Lyssa

vendo, little

skippy, tvman

Eternal_Trader, susje

Bookshop, Tukin

Azdora, Blodoks

Jeepers, Dreyan

zozo, lelugo

WiseDwarF, Cassius

Tina, Annavie



CRABS, Darrock

Artifice, smurf/_rah_

darya, finja

LightPresent, DarkPresent

SerpentLord - Hollybible97

Sephtex, Ringil_Oddsocks



Richery, Theodor

JBBrooks, Brooks

astaroth, scorpion_king

Merchant, Nidan

Buddha, Boedha

Llud_Silverhand, Learner




citizen, threedee and silvertail

BraT, Halosmee

tensai, Caecus

Karlin, the_piper

Dragon_Witch, WolfWitch

Charn, raz

Perun, raz

Shari, raz

Salt, Puntif

Najash, Elf_Ninja

lwd, van_binsbergen

Freya, Icy



Passion, Pyewacket

hulkman, panda


Xena, Mrs_DrtySouth

tasmani, riky

Boxer, Myd1

Rraisa, USL

Zerachiel, USL

Albacea, Macal

Abbie, Lyssa

Juliet, Finja

Akeso, elf_ninja



SilverLeaf, Darc0 and Agrilles

daisygirl, CherUT

winterstar, raz

CelticLass, TheWilloW

tiredofstanding, Teehee

GreyStar, Groomsh

eset, Calio and Dorisa

quim, Quimbly

Alula, subzero

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tyvm sorted mine - Perun / Charn / Shari / WInterstar & also soon due Zartob / Zarumeon



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Paid for" Tina " Your transaction ID for this payment is: 36D723215R496351A. New Owner ( Meow )

Edited by Altaria

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Salt paid 1DH96646RL538680E including unlock fee (sorry)

Edited by Puntif

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Just paid Unlock fee and annual rent for Richery. Sorry it's so late, the old owner didn't have money to pay and didn't tell anyone it was overdue. I am Lu05 and will now be Richery's owner when he is unlocked. Your transaction ID for this payment is: 62X093313N5579547. Thank you.

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