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New Animal in EL

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Last night, when tropa and me where on a "Mega-dot-com" trip (yes, it is a newly released drug), we discussed about having some more monsters and animals in EL.


Ofc we thought about pink panther, red fluffys, violet radu's, green SolarStar's (aka HulkStar), white Blackholes etc


BUT... Finally... after the 5th (or 9th ?) shoot... The holy illumination came over us !


An animal who looks like a mix between tropa and me ! The mouth and ears of tropa mixed with my (famous) eyes and devil horns:






Hallelujah \o/


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I would like to see giant scorpions (and of course Tropakas).

TD would make a nice spot for the giant scorpions.




Like these ? =D

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