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Selling few things!

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Hi all,


Im going to sell some stuff I dont need in my storage anymore go ahead and check it out

Seen anything u like? contact me on EL under the name Yosie!


Im also buying: Health essence

Spirit restoration potions

Crown of life

Rostogol stones

Gatherer medallion




silver ore's (15k at this point, still harvesting)




3 Steel Two Edged Sword

3 Wooden Staff

2227 Bones

1 Titanium/Steel Alloy Short Sword

2 Iron Sword

1 Iron Broad Sword

40 Fire arrows

1 Titanium/Steel Alloy Long Sword



10 Leather Gloves

1 Brown boots

1 Padded Leather Armor

1 Leather Helm

1 Used titanium shield

1 Used Ice Dragon Mail



72 Point Defense

3 Unicorn Medallion

1 Red Dragon Scale

1 Stars Medallion



77 White Tiger fur

1 Puma Fur

2 Beaver fur

36 Rat tail

3 Falcon Feather

10 Racoon fur

95 Hawk Feather

2 Red Snake Skin

117 Bear Fur

48 Cockatrice Feather

1058 Raw Meat

2227 Bones

31 Polar Bear Fur

3 Brown rabbit fur

1 Leonard fur

3 Tiger fur

3 Green Snake Skin

5 Deer Antlers

4 Deer Fur

2 Wolf Fur

1 Fox Fur

1 Brown Snake Skin

1 Snow Leopard fur



1 White gold wedding dress

1 Skull Crossbones Scarf

2 Fur Cloak

2 Black vest

2 Light Blue Robe

1 White Robe Skirt

1 Blue Robe Skirt

2 Blue Tricorn Hat

1 Brown Tricorn Hat

1 Purple Robe Skirt

1 Yellow Robe Skirt

1 Padded Leather Armor

1 White Robe

1 Green Cavalier Peacock Hat

1 Warm Fur Gloves

1 Blue Robe

1 Fox Scarf

1 Red vest

1 Red pink dress

1 Purple Robe

1 Black Robe Skirt

1 Green Robe

1 Blue Cavalier Hat

1 Green Robe Skirt

1 Red pink skirt

1 Red Robe Skirt



1 Empty Vial

1 Skull key

2 Invasion Token

2 Skeleton key

1 Wood Logs

1 Thread



1 Book of Evasion

1 Book of Serpent Sword of Fire

2 Book of True Sight

1 Book of Titanium Molding

2 Book of Steel Axe Construction

Edited by Beyonce

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