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Here is a list with all the players that are on restrictions, starting from today (13th November 2012). Previously players on 'probation' are not listed here, but their limitations are still present.


WhiteRhino Attilathehun - Previously Konvict1, WhiteRhino and others. Not allowed any alts, sharing, buying or selling chars, scamming, name changes. He can only use Attilathehun.

Update: Feb. 11, 2013: Name changed from Attilathehun to WhiteRhino per Aislinn/radu. Easier name to know who it is.


Fancy - Nov. 28, 2012: Off restrictions and is allowed to buy/sell/have alts. However, he has been told that if he gets in trouble again, any and all characters will be deleted. He is aware this also includes problems that are minor but happen repeatedly. If he requires moderator attention, it's over. We did discuss this.


Dragonlore - Jan. 3, 2013: No alts, no sharing.


Hurkan - Feb. 3, 2013: Hurkan unlocked with no alts and no sharing restrictions.

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