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So we discussed in game the idea of exp boosters that could be bought from the Cash Shop. Essentially this would be a great way for the dev team to make money, and it would REALLY help out those who are unable to put in large amounts of hours into the game but would still like to grind out some levels.


Basic Idea

- A reasonable increase in EXP gained for crafting, fighting, alch, pvp etc etc.

- This boost would last for X amount of time, and then dissolve.

- Would NOT stack with dailies, special events, or quest rewards.

- Only usable once every 24 hours to prevent abuse.



So far the only real argument I have heard is that it would cheapen the work of grinding out your levels, however not everyone has large amounts of time to spend in the game every single day, and would still like to play towards their levels when they have the time. At most we are talking about shaving off a few hours here and there, and it would be a HUGE boon to the income for the devs.

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Really? Don't we have enough EXP boosters already?

- Random Various #days (Joule, Day of Schools, Harv Day, Eng Day, etc etc etc)

- #day stones dropped by special in-game creatures

- Schools (double xp even on normal days)

- Big Books of XP - many (if not all) are createable now

- AP Potions (which right now are being abused into uber XP - see Big Books of XP above)

- Dailies (Haidir, Xaq, Daritha, the ENG dude, etc)

- Instances

- Invances


It is easier now to massively level in a wide range of skills. I can't remember a time when it's been easier to level.

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Hello Raspberrybeard :)


Ghrae is correct, we already HAVE a lot of XP boosters ( - and indirectly some of them they CAN be bought for $$)


If more were introduced, the super-duper-power-levelers would max out their attribs even faster, so it won't change a thing, as the gap between "pr0" and "n00b" would remain the same.

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I think Ghrae said it well. And I want to say that although it is nice to do a bit of power leveling sometimes, I leveled most of my skills the old fashioned way. For eng I made thousands of ashes, saltpetre and later I went to indicators and arrows etc etc. Though because of my time away, I went from rank 13 to around 30ish, I am proud of how I got my level. I worked hard for it. It did not come fast or easy. And I believe I probable feel somewhat more satisfaction from my own achievement of leveling than someone who used Big books, dailies, school etc....(fast and easier leveling). I think introducing more ways to make leveling easier also just makes leveling less of an achievement. I am less impressed by people with high skill levels than I was when I started this game, tbh. It just does not mean what it once did. Not saying we should go back, but I for one don't want to see the trend increased. These are other ways to keep new players in game than offereing them easy ways to level. Probably the most IMPORTANT way it to just be nice to them and offer some assistance in a friendly way. Doing stuff with them even--maybe helping them learn how to harvest, where to harvest, and maybe if you need some harvestibles pay them to harvest a bit for you. Get them the books they need from Naralic so they don't die and lose their really hard earned coin (I lost 2500 gc trying to go buy books in nar long ago, and it was taken by some one who found it after I stupidly mentioned I lost it on channel--which is fair but not nice to do to a very new player (and I am over it, lol, not complaining this was years ago--just mentioning it because it is probably not the best way to keep a very new player comiong back--not that we need coddle them forever but it is nice to be nice to the most vulnerable of our players which are the newest ones) You can also ask them to do things for you for a bit of pay (not a lot) and some ings....I loved getting newbies to make ashes for me, I gave them branches and FES and food and just a bit of compensation even, for their time, and they got eng xp (but now they really dont need to do that ,which imo is kind of sad. (For me, now I have t omake my own lol )

oh well, I just think we ought to stop blaming the actual game format for some of these "ills" and blame ourselves for not always taking time to help the new player or our guildies or whoever. Game morale is really important to me, and is key factor to the survival of any type of game like this. .....and morale is best kept high by keeping all of us working together to create a good playing atmosphere, it is not necessariily going to improve by getting Radu to do all kinds of improvements to game so we can uber level etc......what we need is a good attitude and all of us can work on that.

Sorry for the lecture but I just like to maybe suggest that we have a great game already, and it will improve too I am sure, it is really has been all along.....and not all changes will (are) liked by everyone (not even me) however, my attitude is that whining and complaining is not helpful, it is depressing for some of us to have to listen to in fact--best to keep your serious and well thought criticisms to forums and try to make some good also well thought suggestions in forums --and then try to play with a good attitude. I read once that Abraham Lincoln said that "most people are about as happy as they make up their minds to be." I have to work on it too. Believe me. I do. But I do take responsibility for my own emotions and I realize that if I am bored, unhappy or angry--it is my issue, it is my doing and is up to me to fix it in me.

NOt sure I stayed well on topic But, this is an issue, we say we keep needing to implement new ways (xp boosts here) to keep new players and it really is not the answer. The answer is in our actions and attitudes, not the changes is game. Not saying no new ideas should ever be tried, , but that is not the ultimate answer. If I said too much I am sorry. But I don't really know where it is appropriate to say this. So if you have to remove it no hard feelings.


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Tyvm for that yethq, I think you are 100% right there!

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