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OK folks

I have searched the forums and I didn't find anything similar to what I want to sudgest. If here is something dear Mods go ahead and delete


This is Phoenix Sudgestion Thread


Phoenix as Summonable Creature


Requared Summoning Level 50-60


Nexus Animal 5-6



First Formula


Items needed:

5 Life Essence

5 Fire Essence

5 Raw Meat

1 Falcon Feather


Phoenix HP 150-200

Attack Defence based on same ratio of the Summoner's level as other nobs with exeption that upon death Phoenix has 20%-25% chance to be reborn with full HP where he died



Second Formula

Items needed:

15 Life Essence

1 Fire Arrow

1 Raw Meat

1 Falcon Feather


This Phoenix would have a 30% chance to score 35 firedamage onto the it's opponent or hit for 5 fire damage as standart


Third Formula:


Items Needed

50 Life Essence

5Fire Arrows

1 Enriched Fire Essence

1 Cocktrice Feather


Summon 10 Phoenix in 1 go. Or summon 20 of them in 1go all with Random/Standard Fire Damage

Also, Phoenix has Evesence Perk, Magic Immunity and Fire/Cold protection.


Tell me what you guys think about it

Thank you for reading.

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go buy glyphs and level your phoenix instead then mi before you shift and use pots to heal use those ghp up from dcw its much cheaper in the long run

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Good idea, would be nice to see it summonable, a high end tanking monster other then tank rabbits or phantom warriors, maybe a worthy tank to tank dragons?

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I like the idea of having a creature that a higher level summoner can summon which does damage but does not require an enhanced essence. I love tank rabbits, and they can take well - but without something to do damage that can be used with it I need to rely on a fighter or ranger to take the creature out.


Hawks work, but it is really a case of the mirror doing the damage so you end up needing 40 or 50 hawks (4 or 5 summons) to get the job done......




In Game Name: JRats

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