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Aislinn give me one reason ;)

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aislinn give me one reason why i cant have attilathehun i bought him and do not have access to wr anymore he is my new char i got rid of wr you were never too specific when u said new char its un fair that because you were not specific i get punnished i put money/time in this game why am i being treated like this? i havent broke no restrictions for 2 years and i get no slack for being a good decent player who helps ppl and pks lol dont see that often ofc ive also tried hard to avoid breaking anyrules and if a mod ever told me to stop i did instantly this is directly to you asilinn why after 2 years i cant at least get any slack on this at all youre tbh being unfair on this subject and tbh learner was between me and aisy not you please or any other mod i just wish to hear from the person who banned me and was my deal with her can find it reasonable to cut me some type of slac

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