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Find Joker to Win Big!

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As of this posting, Joker has been in hiding for over 11 days with noone finding him.


Radu even put up 2 bricks for anyone finding him in 3 hours, noone did.


2 days after that, still unfound.


So here I go... I am putting up the following for whoever finds him first.


1 Invasionmeter

1 serpent stone

2k Health Essence

100 ring of disengagement

5k iron ore




This contest is ongoing until someone finds him.


NOTICE: It will also expire immediately if there's a server restart (don't know if that changes his location), however radu's going on vacation so that shouldn't be an issue.



Good luck!


IF YOU FIND HIM: PM me (Burn) in-game. If I'm online I'll likely see the blue spam anyway. If I'm not online, message me via --> /mercator tell Burn Hey, I found Joker! ;-)


Prize awarded a.s.a.p. if I'm online, as soon as confirmed if offline.

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