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HP Pavilion dv6 with AMD A6 quadcore vs EL and Linux

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I got the laptop mentioned in the title. It was about $651 US after taxes.


In Windows, the laptop works fine and without trouble. The games installs without a hitch. UVP turns all players invisible both with the video driver that came with it and with the newer driver that I downloaded from AMD's website. Windows told me that it was already up to date before I did this. It was at...I think OpenGL 4.x. After installing the AMD driver from the website, I think it was OpenGL 6.x. Graphics was acceptable under both.


I tried to install Linux and I came across a serious problem. They already had 4 primary partitions and that is the limit.


Looking into things, people suggest you kill the tools folder, so that is what I did. I put an extended partition on the drive to cover all of the Linux partitions that I needed and even try to remake an HP_TOOLS folder later.


Perhaps I should have deleted the tiny SYSTEM partition instead, but I don't know. I THINK the SYSTEM partition is nothing but a boot partition, but I may be wrong.


The Fedora 16 x86_64 live CD is what I used. The driver for ATI graphics was not working. Later on, I found out that the LCD screen was not working, but the VGA or HDMI display might have worked. I got around these issues at the time by going into recovery mode instead. In the grub boot menu, adding "single" on one of the lines (I don't remember which) makes the entry a recovery mode entry. Luckily for me, Fedora installed with a recovery option on there.


The ATI driver downloaded from the AMD site did not want to install properly. I got it running, but OpenGL stuff had errors. I uninstalled and got the updated opensource ATI driver (no graphics accelleration) running as a result. After looking online, I saw akmod and other packages online that mentioned "catalyst". rpmfusion has a non-free section and I ended up installing those repos. After installing the catalyst driver there, I have up to 105 fps in the DP fast read room. I limit to 35 because I don't need all that many FPS to be happy.


Regardless of if you use this laptop for EL, the first thing you should probably do when you boot up to Fedora 16 Linux the first time is to either boot into recovery mode or see if VGA or HDMI will work for you and then update your system and then reboot. You will see the kernel is replaced among other things.


The laptop barely generates any heat and it barely worse than putting a folded blanket on your lap when it comes to the amount of heat you feel.


The screen is capable of tilting so far back (about 170 degrees) that if it falls off the table, it should not have much chance of snapping the screen. I have no idea how sturdy it is though.


Anyways, I just figured I would share incase someone else is considering one of the new AMD laptops or desktops with a GPU on the CPU chip. If you have one, posting your feedback here might help out others. Later.

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While in Linux, I turned on UVP and the actors were invisible. I logged out and back on. I now have UVP with players visible.

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Had to change the volume control from HDMI channel to the main channel under Linux so that it would obey my volume control adjustments.

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