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Newhope - Invance

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Today in invance:




Newhope attacked the MB at the last few seconds and got the drop. Thats no problem, but he didnt proceed to share it out fairly as most of the community would agree to, I believe. Maybe I have missed some evidence (unlikely) but I think the following is a fair representation of actual events that took place today.



Drop: 128335 Gold Coins

Drop: 1 Monster Magnetism removal


(1)[newhope @ 120200]: PM ME FOR 128K MB SHARE


(2)as per the pic (and the players themselves can confirm this) the team was in my mind:

  1. Sonic
  2. Necram
  3. Korsan
  4. Done(tanker)
  5. Cordor
  6. Angler
  7. newhope?(maybe - not really sure he contributed much at all, compared to the others)

(3) we were given 12k each, and I was not satisfied with this, spoke to the others, and asked newhope how he came to this amount:


Sonic @ 120200]: newhope, can you please explain your maths? 12k per person is low...

[newhope @ 120200]: next time wont give a coin if thats low

[KorsaN @ 120200]: next time i wont range :)

[sonic @ 120200]: wow newhope, thats really not in the spirit of doing invances...

[newhope @ 120200]: i dont count and dont give a fuk, gave to everyone who pmed me 12k dont even know did i gave out my own gc or left some with it

[newhope @ 120200]: i told done to take drop was no respond

[newhope @ 120200]: so just told to pm, all who pmed got 12k

[Necram @ 120200]: same here, i even went to restock cause of 3rd MB ... as you said but there were not so waste 250 extra pking arrow to be scammed on MB's drop at the end

[newhope @ 120200]: and if someone dont like it next time i wont split it at all if ig et drop

[Cordor @ 120200]: you can use the screenshort http://i340.photobuc...elscreen080.jpg

[Necram @ 120200]: you had a screen shot to control who was here

[newhope @ 120200]: do i care ?

[Necram @ 120200]: anyways 12 k is good but not really faire

[newhope @ 120200]: you can return me then

[newhope @ 120200]: oh right i kept mm removal on myself, it worth anything ?

[sonic @ 120200]: np keep it now, but nobody here will trust you now lol...

[newhope @ 120200]: omfg, just not this, looks like i ruined my white player reputation

[newhope @ 120200]: srsly to be fair i will tell, next time i will keep whole drop because of this shit what was told now

[Kiryu @ 120200]: lol nice going NH probably should stay away from Mbs fro now on since no1 will count you in

[newhope @ 120200]: kiryu first: maybe bark at least when you will be in invance? 2nd: i usualy stay away from it

[newhope @ 120200]: and had asked split once in all my done instances

[Kiryu @ 120200]: first do i care?

[Kiryu @ 120200]: second do that then

[newhope @ 120200]: first if you dont care then stfu dog

[Kiryu @ 120200]: lol go and do something usefull for once

[Necram @ 120200]: TBH one time SK did keep the drop

[newhope @ 120200]: yea looks like talking with dog like you isnt usefull in real

[Necram @ 120200]: he shared a bit at least

[Kiryu @ 120200]: like keep quite

[newhope @ 120200]: i shared proly more than it droped

[newhope @ 120200]: i never quited dogie

[newhope @ 120200]: well did like 6 years ago

[Necram @ 120200]: if you did share more it's your bad

[Kiryu @ 120200]: you do know that quite means to stay silent dumb ass

[newhope @ 120200]: as i told necram i dont give a fk, i share to everyone who pmed 12k

[Necram @ 120200]: but it's easy to know who get some gc from you and make the calculation

[newhope @ 120200]: so do it dogie

[newhope @ 120200]: coz all what you can do is just bark somewhere save

[newhope @ 120200]: it would be necram if i would care of that

[Necram @ 120200]: what do you mean by bark ?

[newhope @ 120200]: that was for Kiryu not for you

[Necram @ 120200]: yup but i can ask you the meaning of a word if i don't understand it

[newhope @ 120200]: the sound which dogs do

[Necram @ 120200]: ok

[Necram @ 120200]: cya later guys got stuff to do


(4) these events just leave a bad taste in the mouth, I dont belive anyone in the team was satisfied with the sharing

If i had done the calculation, on the GC alone it would be 18kgc+ for each person at the very least.

Newhope's share was 56k + MM stone. (128k-(6*12k)) while...... ours was 12k.


Other unusal things were: waiting 20minutes after invance to annouce the sharing of the drop in chan 120200 AND asking us to come to TG storage. Both are irregular and add to fuel speculation on trustworthiness.


[13:10:48] [Krrick @ 120200]: good job all [end]

[13:30:54] [newhope @ 120200]: pm me for 128k mb share [annoucement]


On that basis I would encourage you to take extreme care with newhope in instances/invances and anything relating to responsibiliy of sharing or finance.






(1)Now on a personal level, it annoys me when someone does this, because rangers are so vital to the invances, and when this happens, you will scare them away. Then its no longer fun(which is what we are here for).


(2)This reminds me of when Aislinn was discussing a similar issue in chan 6, regarding people who spoil the fun for the invance 'team'. How one may spoil the fun, and there is nothing people can do about it. (not really an opinion, it just reminded me of this, so I repeat it here)

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I don't take a share in invance whatever the outcome and use my own stuff... offer others anything I have spare. I realise the 100.120 probably doesn't give such big rewards anyway, but.... just have fun!! Let greedy people BE greedy.... they will get their comeuppance sooner or later.

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I'd like to take this moment to remind everyone who is thinking of posting here or who is going to say "wtf you deleted my priceless gem of a post!!!1111" to read the Disputes section rules.

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I for one never knew newhope not stating and standing for anything he did, So if he would have kept things for himself given the way he acted in the past he would say so. Thats why i belive him, if he says he did give everyone who pm'ed him a share.

I also think that the picture at the end of a mb kill might not show all people really taking part on that kill. I know that if it is not the last kill of the day, i do range a mb until i am out of arrows, then restock, if there is the possiblity of getting back in invance in time to help killing again regardless if the mb is dead or not.

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Nobody is disputing that he gave a share. The problem seems to be that it wasn't an EQUAL share.If he gave each of the other 6 participants a 12k share of the 128k,that adds up to 72k,meaning HIS share came to 56k,plus he kept the stone.And that's if he gave 12k to ALL 6 others,which isn't really clear.

I can see why some if not all the other participants would be a bit upset,if not about the math,then about the attitude.

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what i meant is maybe he gave the 12k to more then just 6 others on your picture are more people then just 6 and it was fairly early in the mb ranging, i was not there in this one, but i saw it more then once the longer a mb was fought the more people came and left again. so if say 11 people or 12 people pm'ed newhope they did take part, and he did not check like he said he did not. he gave then those each 12kgc which would be the gc and removal share equally shared.

Like i said i was not in this invance where this happend. i just see newhope as one of the few people who do not hide behind the "I did nothing" excuse if he did something. And that i see that there might be more then one possibility why your count of player may not be the real count of players. I know i came to a mb a few times when he had less, and still contributed in its fall by shooting more then 100 or more arrows in it. and as one who ranges in these invance regularly i know that by the time we get to mb, i have mostly shot out more then 200 arrows, or even restocked once before i get to one. so there are bound to be some people you might have missed.

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He keeps his word. He may bagjump at any time, including invances, tho.



Lorck is correct.


He keeps his word that he will give you a share, it might not be the share you like, ofcourse... lol.



Even though; he said he allied my guild, lulled me into thinking I was safe from his bjing habits, I was wrong :>



I dunno if you can call it "Kind" that he made me pay 250k for my NMT, RDHoLaM, and OS, but also kept my Ice drag greaves;


admittedly, was my fault for not having more than 1 rosto, but I had died to naspa FA+Therm mirror once in that invance, managed to come back in time for last 2 icys to be killed, I tanked one (which I can do, dissed it cause i was lagging) and ran into another, died and dropped, NH was on sight with TTR to loot Lol.


All i'm saying is, just do it back, even if it means you being disputed too. (In instance,invance etc, keep his share and what not)

Edited by _iNvoKeD

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Evry1 thinking newhope is honorable player just because he admits he scammed, what changes? if u admit or u dont? Means u're better person if u admit that than u dont?

Edited by Alchemic

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He doest lie about what he does.everyone knows how he plays and most ppl just wont get theirselves in that position. I don't know why you all are surprised tbh .Look what he did to calsonic.


But in this case it is wrong not to share equally but it happens.I had ranged a MB, left to restock, came back finished the kill and because one person didnt see me there in the beginning, becaue he wasnt there, i was not given any share. They took a sceenie after i had left to restock. So atleast newhope did give some of the share. No not the share you deserved but newhope will be newhope. This has happened to me more than once so now i dont bother most of the time unless its someone i trust tanking.


There is nothing we can do about it. Unfortunatly actions like these will drive the rangers away.Ppl are greedyplain and simple.

Edited by Caliphear

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