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40-60 invance team

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Due to the difficulty in getting enough people for the 40-60 invance, I thought I'd post here so we could organize it in advance so alot of us can be on. Next monday, apr 2 at about 5pm eastern us time should be good for me.


Planning it in advance should help us get more people, remember we need about 10 to 15.

I'd like aislinn or radu or whoever else can start one to clear us to plan for whatever time we decide on.


Again, this is the 40-60 a/d invance.


Have fun,



EDIT: Post here to confirm or say a better time for you. I can do other days/times too.

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Jermu is 50/54 a/d atm, And he made one so far and it was fun. he hope to make couple more before level out. :medieval:

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