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Platinum Coins

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Here's the idea:


Whenever Radu sells stuff at his shop, the only thing he would need to

give to the customer is platinum coins. Let's say 10 plats = 10 bucks.

What the player will do is take his freshly bought platinum coins (or something else if they can't be used. Gems or some sh*t) straight to an NPC (which will be newly added) which sells ELEs, EFEs, nice books, special swords etc. But only accepts platinums!..


Ok so thats the idea, theres alot of conveniences here:


Ent only needs to see how much money they gave, and a username --> 50 Platinums/gems/whatever to FecusWarrior cuz he gave me 50 bucks.

Someone without means to pay by cash, would simply buy Platinums for GC :) instead of having to know ppl on the black market :)

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