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How many Earths fit in the Sun ?

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Yesterday Scarr =hc= , KafaSakaL L.A. and Polarstar puzzled about how many Earths would fit in the Sun. I will not give you the solution here, try to calculate it on your own :P

But that was the impulse for me to think more about the experince table in EL. Some numbers are so huge that it is completly mind boggling. The xp-chart explains itself I think.





And if you want to know how it looks for Level 30 to Level 179 ..

(follow the red, the green and the blue lines)


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Ok I give a small hint about the first graph. The increase of xp from level 90 upward is constant 5%. The curve has the shape of an exponential function. Now if you measure the dark blue area under the graph from level 150 to level 160 and let that be 100%, you can compare the areas from other level intervals.


For example the xp from level 90 to 100 is only 5,35% from the sum of xp of the level 150 to 160.

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