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Competition Chinese new Year 4710 on 23. January 2012

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...it's very very cold. Fog is freezing on my chin. I see only floating snowflakes in the air. Suddenly I hear a horrific roar. Chilled wind blows around me that shakes my bones. All of a sudden I find myself before the ice dragon - looking from eye into eye. It opens it's mouth an blows a chilled breath into me. I feel my skin freezing, then my bones...

...I wake up and in horror I figure out that I had the strangest dreams. I'm still on Isla Prima. There is a parade outside, shouts of joy and happiness. I look out through the window - there is a New year celebration of the Yang Water Dragon in the village.

I go to The Wraith and tell him about my strange dreams. Few moments have passed and The Wraith goes deep into his mystic mind. The mist goes over the sky, air becomes chilly and voices of joy are silenced. The Wraith says with his inhuman voice: "The age of cold is coming and The Ice dragon is threatening our realm. You are one of the chosen heroes, that was given the opportunity to defeat The Ice dragon. On your path many obstacles awaits you, but the first and only one who finds Enriched Water Essence, can actually overcome the dragon. Your journey begins in White Stone." Sky becomes clear again, a warm breeze blows and happiness in celebration of the New year are heard again.

Words of The Wraith are echoing in my mind for few moments longer. But only a thought, that I'm one of the chosen that can save the world from The Ice dragon, gives me strength to take my sword and shield and go to the journey. Only ship can take me to the White Stone, so I board onto the next transport of coconuts into the White Stone docks port.

Ship lands and again I find myself on a solid floor. In a blitz of a moment I fell on the floor and my mind goes black again. The Ice dragon fly over and scratches me with his right wing.

I'm feeling lucky to be alive, since the scratch was real, not only in my dream, but there was no sign of the dragon. Like the illusion with real consequences. With such a luck I really should use it. I recall my friend telling me about the lottery somewhere in Graham's village.

In the docks I ask arround about the Graham's villiage and a sailor tells me that I must travel to the west pass the gulf of the Riven Sea. I thank for the information and then I go on my way. I enjoy the lakeside, singing birds, then the gulls near the sea. Finally I arrive at the village. I play some tombola game and I actually win. :) I was so laughing at myself that I had to realeave myself into the bush at the nearest pine tree in the crossroad.

All of a sudden I begin to shake from cold and the dragon appears from nowhere. It's left wing scratches me on my arm, since I was trying to protect my face. Again I find myself on the floor near the bush in my own pee.

I ask around about Ice dragon in the village, but they said they didn't see anything. My two scratches hurts me as they are unusual chilly. Sadly even the village magician couldn't heal my wounds as they slowly grew deeper and deeper into my flesh. Luckily he pointed me to the Elavro Mountains. He said there is a teleport north of the Graham's village that would bring me very close to the mountains and then I should continue to the Aluwen Temple. I should find the healer named Noria there.

I went on my way again - through the teleport and then on the road to the east. As I come to the crossroad I feel exhausted and hungry, so I sit down under the beech tree and have some meal. I look to the clear sky as there is a beautiful view of the million stars. As I was looking at the stars they appeared to be flashing from time to time, but at some point I figured it out that they began to extinguish. Soon the sky was black and The Ice dragon's head was flying towards me. It bumped me on my back as I fell on the floor. The two scratches and my body was hurting me, so I decided to quickly find the healer.

I came to the Aluwen Temple and searched for Noria. I told her about my illusions and wounds that I got after I came back to my senses. She was worried and tried to heal them, but there was no use. She gave me the Aluwen's defense blessing and said that I must kill The Ice dragon that lives on the Irilion continent to stop my wounds get any worse. I should find the entrance to the Irilion continent on the south near Lakeside village. I rushed outside the temple as she yelled her last words after me - something about using enriched water essence for illusion defense, finding them in the illusions' dragon's heart.

I didn't put any worries about those words and rushed towards the other continent. Near the Lakeside village there was a lone cottage. I hurried through the door and into the digged hole. As I came outside again, I found myself on the beach. I stared at the sun. But there was something odd about it. It was chilly and was coming towards me. Before I realized it was The Ice dragon's tail that made me a serious wound on my chest.

When I came back to my senses I started to recall the Noria's words. So I should really protect myself from illusions with enriched water essence. I should find them in the puzzle of illusions them selves - in the heart of a dragon that lies in the middle of his limbs.




few hints given some competitions were trying to solve the puzzle


the illusions you got you should try finding their coords


every illusion is when the dragon slaps you with 2X wing, head or tail


try to find coords of this locations and dig it up 2X are coords you cannot miss and are 100% there 2X are coords that you could miss but shouldn't miss if you read description corretly





try posting everything you see and figure out on forum including coordinations

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