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Aitortillas banned because Autoclick in Arena

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Hi there,


im sry to bother again, but i was locked 5 minutes ago by Aislynn and Usl because using Autoclick in the Ranging Arena.

Im awere of the rules aplying to the arena, and im sry. I falled asleep, and didnt see the pms and messages from they both.


On my defense i just want to say that it cant be longer than 10 minutes, and that i have been home the full day ill, and thats why i was tired and falled asleep.



I have now talked to Usl in game. I will add some details he asked me, to help corroborate my story:

To prove that cant be more than a short time that i was afk in the arena, you can see that in my inventory are more than 1800 bolts there. When i go to arena i take 2190 with me, so cant be long time there


Usl has also given me a wise advice about how to program Autoclick. He programs it only firing 100 bolts, and then starts the macro again after this one.



I know i have been acused before of macroring. I want to say that i hoped i managed to explain it was a false accusation, and im not a macrorer.

This time i know i have broken the rules, so i supouse i will get a ban for it. I think is fair, like in other cases happend


On a aside note, thx entropy for implementing the Mod messages. Saw the message from Aislynn, but was too late.


Thx for you time, and sorry for the troubles


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Hello Aitor,


sorry for the inconvenience. Based on logs, I can confirm your afk-macro must have lasted between 10 and 30 minutes, and you contacted us just minutes after the locking, so the real absence has been relatively short. Still, it was afk-macroing beyond any doubt (for the purposes of the "radu allowance", sleeping in front of the computer counts as AFK, even if then you have ASDFGHJKL tatooed on your forefront :P).


I think we can solve this in fairness, with a short ban meant to make up for the xp unduly accrued. I will unban you later today (after the Robin Tell, I'm afraid) and we will forget about the misadventure. ;)


Get well soon!

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Hi Usl,


Tyvm for the fast reply, and for the nice solution you offered to me.


I have learned my lesson, and something like this will not happend again.

Sry for wasting mod and everyones time.



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