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The Richest Contest of 2012

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Here we are again.


To celebrate the new year, we will have a couple of contests with significant prizes (donated by Kragnus). We will have two events, aimed at different audiences.


First contest: fighters


Are you valiant enough to challenge the nasty creatures infesting the Matajin Summoning Arena? If so, enroll by posting your name below. Each contestant will face a number of waves of increasing difficulty. The contestant that will survive longer, will get the prize. Everything goes: magic, summoning, brawling, archery... only limit is your inventory: you cannot leave the arena once the gauntlet has started. Also, you cannot get any external help during the contest.


Spectators are welcome, the arena offers a number of relatively safe seating for supporters and spectators. You can reach the seats yourself by USING the blue orbs at Tahraji Desert [255,307].

WARNING: Tahraji is a PK, no-rosto map. Spectators are advised to come "naked", or be prepared to loose what they have in inventory in case of mishaps.


Recovery policy. We will try our best to save any death bag dropped by contestants. ANY ATTEMPT AT BAGJUMPING WILL BE CONSIDERED A SERIOUS DISRUPTION OF AN OFFICIAL CONTEST and I promise a LONG, LONG ban for such a behaviour.


Prize: a full black dragon suit: greaves, cuisses, torso, helm.


Timing: we will start at 1:00 on the 26th day in the month of Nimlos, the year 0029, Age of the Eternals (i.e., 40 minutes after this post).


There will be live commentary on channel 7 (Events).


We had 8 contestants: dre, Smurf, teehee, KoDdy, duBro, busterblader, Antio, PolarStar. Of these, duBro and busterblader left before their turn. The final tally was:


dre, smurf: 6th wave completed (actually, dre went up to the 8th, but without completing the 7th)

teehee: 5th wave

KoDdy, Antio: 4th wave

PolarStar: 1st wave


A final "last man standing" broke the tie between dre and Smurf - and victory was dre's.


Congratulations to all participants, and to the well-behaved, spirited, and enthusiastic audience! Well done everyone! :icon13:


Second contest: TBA


Due to the unforeseen length of the previous contest, the second one will be held at a later date (probably tomorrow). More details will follow in due time.

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Second part of the contest!


Second contest: explorers


Mechanism. The goal this time is to find 11 Monuments (these are automated bots, purple names, named Monument_1 to Monument_11). Each Monument holds a single word which is part of a riddle. You have to find as many Monuments as you can, sort all the hints and figure out the riddle, then go to the place hinted by the riddle and recover a hyperbag.

To get a hint, you have to trade with a Monument. He will send you a PM with the hint.


Locations. The Monuments are in part in Seridia and in part in Irilion, in part inside and in part outside, in part in secret spots and in part in public places. However, no bots are in PK maps. Don't expect them to be at populated storages either! :)


Prize. There will be a single prize: a full bronze set, with helm, shield, sword - donated (again!) by Kragnus.


Teamwork. Feel free to work in teams; however, the prize will be awarded to a single winner. Every "splitting" agreement is totally upon you. Caveat emptor.


Claiming. Once you have found and recovered the hyperbag, you have to post here (or alternatively, PM me if I am online) with the contents (not the position) of the bag. The exact contents are the key to claim your prize.


Coordinates. I haven't told you the coords for the bag yet, right? Well, I will not. A hint to the exact coordinates will be posted here on the new day (approximately, 1.5 hours from now).

UPDATE: The coordinates where the hyperbag is located are made entirely of the digits '4' and '5'.



Good luck everyone!


After three hours of crazy riddles and running all over Draia, malameo (with help from Kricket) has found the Monuments, sorted the riddle, solved it, found the right place, puzzled together the coordinates, and finally found the "key" hyperbag!


In all, 21 players got a total of 52 hints from all 11 Monuments (all were found in the end).


The Monuments hints and locations were:

In Seridia

Monument_1: "you" - Naralik Magic School [20,53]

Monument_2: "?" - Magic School of Tarsengaard [168,86]

Monument_3: "ever" - (Vermor) Castle Insides [134,120]

Monument_4: "the" - White Stone - Grahm's Village [82,174]

Monument_5: "heard" - White Stone - Forest of the Fall [746,650]


In Irilion

Monument_6: "voice" - Idaloran [439,585]

Monument_7: "a" - Idaloran [78,434]

Monument_8: "disgraced" - Egratia Point Temple [50,42]

Monument_9: "of" - Hurquin [24,69]

Monument_10: "angel" - Palon Vertas escape tunnels [134,71]

Monument_11: "have" - Aeth Aelfan, the Elven Homeland [46,124]



The sorted riddle was: "have you ever heard the voice of a disgraced angel?" - a reference to a part of Hurquin Crypt, where the hyperbag could be found at coordinates [44,45]. Well done!


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