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Offensive Spells With Allied

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I've done some observations and it seems that we're able to Mana Drain and Harm (haven't tried other spells) allied players.

We can't MD and harm guildies.

We can md summons.


Now, why can we cast offensive spells to allied players? It doesn't make much sense to me.


Someone suggested that MD'ing allies could aid in battle, but since we cant MD guildies that doesnt make much sense.


So my suggestion is:

Disable being able to cast offensive spells on allies.


Any thoughts?





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I like this idea but I say make pvp completely optional. Meaning you can turn on and off PVP of allies with a switch. Makes training a lot easier so your guildies can train with you without having to be kicked by a high rank which always isnt on.

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:) ever tried remote healing an opponent in a pk arena?

it does not work either, this is one thing i would like to see working, for the pvp people who donot fight each other to kill


One of the reasons why you can't remote heal opponenets is exactly this, so one person can't afk all day while the other remote heals...

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