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Server update

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Made an instance change: If there are less than 3 people in an instance, it ends.

Added more spawns for the Nenorocit.

Dresses and skirts are makeable now.

Changed the way horses work. From now on, the first time you use a horse whistle, you get a certain number of steps with the horse, and the whistle will disappear. That number is pretty large, but I will let you determine it. While riding the horse, at each step that number is decreased. When it reaches 0, you dismount. You can manually dismount the horse whenever you want, and if you still have steps left, next time when you use another horse whistle (doesn't have to be of the same kind) the whistle will not dissappear (but you won't get additional steps either). If the number of steps is 0, you lose the whistle, and get the full number of steps.


[edit] The horses speed is double now.

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