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i know what u are talking about senz but truth is that most players bitch when someone finds a smart way to level, anyway tho this thread is not about this, cause *tank* build is not profitable nor u can actually get something out of it except a big a/d gap

Not quite.


Tanks are useful in a number of situations, where a group has to work together to kill monsters, like instances and invasions.

I had the impression radu wanted to have more group work in EL, so tanks seem to have a place there. Remains the small problem

of getting to be a good tank (build and levels)...


EDIT: Just to be clear, with 'tank' I mean a build such that you are the one that's going to be attacked by the monster and that you can absorb or avoid most of the hits

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@ Senz: I don't get this objection you have.

Every step of the way there is a choice to be made, whether it's the color of the dragons or how much exp per hit per level per phys per coord etc a dragon gives out. So to the best of whoever's ability, things get coded. Then people come along and start doing things.


"Ick, that lime green dragon doesn't look so good when it's made into armor, and it looks terrible with the red hair. It looks like radioactive slime or worse. We need to change that." Result: PlayerA loves that color and is ticked off when one day he logs in and his beloved lime green dragon armor he saved and worked so hard for is now purple.


"Uh oh, look, PlayerB is able to trap the dragon in the corner of that map and sit there all day ranging it with level 10 ranging until it dies. Oops, got to change that. Dragons were meant to be a boss mob, not range-able by noobs."


Shit happens. Unexpected results happen. All the time. Why the BLEEP shouldn't radu be able to change|fix it if it wasn't what he wanted?


That's not "smart play". That's an accident.


The game is still evolving. There is one person coding it.


@ whoever: I don't think the problem is with "tanks" per se but how some people are using|abusing|training them. Tanks in themselves are smart play and that isn't the issue.


@ Orick: So now that you can't get 1mil xp/hour anymore you want to quit and sell your tank?



As to korrode and radu, meh. You both need to stop hurling insults and talk. :brooding: Two peas in a pod and can't stop butting heads. I love you both and this sucks.

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One way to solve the a/d gap is to combine a/d skills in to one single skill so that they advance equal amounts. That way there will be no gaps and mobs can be restored to reasonable levels again.

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Just the other day, a guy I won't give his name, was afk training and farming for days. He had a similar build, had healing items and a gatherer med, and he would just stay there and trolls would attack him. He did that for days.

Ok after some days i found what didnt make me think clearly about this issue... So if the problem you discovered was with a guy training on TROLLS, why the hell

Lowered the ignores for fluffy and feros.



So you just assumed that every tanker was doing the same shit and punnished those ones using fluf/feros?


This reminds me other kind of decitions seen in the last months:

*you complaint about people not killing the Badaran and said you would remove it (and for the amount of rare days we have lately it is killed pretty often)

*you just deactivated the global quest because a few scales hoarders wouldnt give them away

*the "harvest mob" was a fact... but you didn't like how Nenorocit and Badaran were ignored by most, so you didn't implement it.


IMO fixing something that is wrong in the game by making a big cut is way uneffective... or maybe you just want see how people complain about the changes.

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Oh for fuck sake! Where is the love?


I have been playing EL for a long time now and EL is the Only game I play (ye 'tis true :P ) and there are alot of things I would like to say but it doesn't matter.


On the topic: All i know is that when changes are made, adjustments will happen to be able to reach the goals wanted. So small tweaks are probably not the best way to fix the problem.

I have no idea what it would take to do and all that. But it seems better to make a restriction to how far between the levels can be and when the limit is reached the exp for the skill that is highest will stop until a sertain amount of levels are gained in the lowest one.

There are probably a load of other ways to fix it but I think it would be better to do one big change then several smaller ones but hey thats me :P


All I know is that what ever happens I will adjust and keep on playing as I usually do and enjoy myself playing the game I love and talk to the friends I have.


Now it is really time to get some sleep so Night All and take care.

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Imo tanks were good addition to instances and other fighting situations where a group had to deal with multiple mobs. I just don't understand why tanks are such a big problem in EL, practically every other MMORPGs have them. Why should everyone grind from 0 to 179 a/d the same way?

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