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Instanced invasions (invances) rules.

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Most of you are aware of the rules, but some claim that they were not, so here they are:


1. No sabotaging other players, no blocking stuff (except for the gate). If you are the gate keeper, you must NOT be AFK and you must allow people to go through the gate.


2. If you go to an invance where you would gain exp at the end (that is, your levels are within the invance range), you must help the team win. So:

a. No AFKing inside the fort walls, or on the walls.

b. You must bring good gear with you, don't come naked or with iron swords or with training arrows/bolts or with low level bows.

c. If you decide to be an archer, you must bring good gear (see the above point), have a reasonably high AP* (over 20), and you must use at least 300 arrows**.

c1. Archers must continue to fight (ranged or melee) even after there are no more mobs around the walls. So if you see that you don't have targets to attack, you must go out in the field and hunt. However, one single archer is allowed to stay on the walls near the gate, as a backup. Only the best archer in the team is allowed to do that (highest AP and ranging skill).

d. If for some reason you have to go AFK for more than 2 minutes, you must leave the map and not come back before the end. Do not go to invances if you think you will not be able to finish them, it is rude to the other players.


3. If you go as an observer (levels under the cap) you are not allowed to get bags without explicit permission from the players there. You must also not get in the way or inconvenience those who fight. This also includes unnecessary chat on the invance channel.


4. If you see someone breaking those rules, you must report them via the #abuse command.


*The AP requirement doesn't apply for 40-60 or 60-80 invances.

**If you have the Ethereal Ranger perk, you can use 200 arrows/bolts instead. Also, this applies for people that only do ranging, if you do melee too than it doesn't apply to you.

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