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Frightning lyrics.

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Oh my oh my, tis that season where my heart goes all fluttery..no not the happy one that dark and scary time of year.


Well i thought we would add an extra event this time.... song lyrics/poetry. For the lyrically creative amongst us.



The idea is very simple.

Write a poem based around eternal lands....

or a song which can by just the lyrics, written to an existing piece of music or to you could write your own music!. If you are really brave you can sing and u tube it for us to hear. Which in itself could be terrifying!


Entry date ends on 24th october 2011

max 2 entries per person


The 3 best will win a small prize from my treat bag.


Keep them clean and have fun...

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On the internet highway, sitting in my chair,

Heavy feeling of boredom and it’s stuck there,

On a link in the distance, oh so wrong yet so right,

My fingers itched, and my eyes drawn in,

I just had to bite,

There it stood in My Programs

I saw it on my dell,

And I was thinking to myself,

“This could be heaven or this could be hell”

And I started a character, Novac showed me the way

There were voices on channel 1

And I heard them say


Welcome to the game set in Draia,

Such a scary place,

Such an orchan face.

Plenty of room on the server of Draia

Any time of day, addicts stuck here.


The game is oh so twisted, it just never ends.

There’s lot of scary scary guys, that aren’t my friends,

How they talk on mod channel, such a deep threat,

Some banned to be punished, some banned just to quit!


So I called up the van_bin,

“I really want to whine”

He said, “There’s a channel for that, they whine all the time!”

Now I hear those voices from channel 6,

Wake you up in the middle of the night,

Just to hear them scream


Welcome to the game set in Draia,

Such a scary place,

Such an orchan face.

They pk’ing it up at the lands of Draia,

What a mixed surprise, bring your scythes


Mirror cloaks do sting,

The bronze sword is too nice,

Someone said “Just click on that flag near the sto, that’s my advice”

And in the “pro’s” PK lair,

They gathered for the gank,

They hit me with their browny sticks,

Those very bad yanks!


Last thing I remember, I was

Looking for the gear in my store,

What about that NMT on my back,

I had it before,


So hurt by the BRODing I received,

You can press alt x any time you like,

But you can never leave!

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You hear a wolf begin to growl,

You hear animals starting to howl,

You know there's people on the prowl,


(And its Eternal Lands time again!)

They got you running for your life,

(And its Eternal Lands time again!)

And you're overwhelmed by fright,

It's a terrifying night.


You're thinking to depart,

When you see a cape is thorn apart,

You just know the flames are gonna start!


(And its Eternal Lands time again!)

They got you running for your life,

(And its Eternal Lands time again!)

Where the loading just wont start,

This game is a work of art!


Everybody starts to moan,

Even mixers grunt and groan,

Rotten flames full of slime,

Don't you know its Eternal Lands time?


(And its Eternal Lands time again!)

They got you running for your life,

(And its Eternal Lands time again!)

Where you feel your beating heart,

And you just can't stay apart.

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@Evilmango: Omg you picked one of my favorite songs to use ... pr0 effort

@Soul: Terror time again?


Nice entries guys keep em coming :D

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no tune to this one, just a poem about the scariest thing in the world.



In this mind lies a story

a story of sadness and blight


Its ending is not happy

none saved by goodness and might


Here in a land made eternal

where the rules of death hold no sway


We can find our persons of interest

enjoying a beautiful day


The elven maid was slim and fair

the human man was tough


their love was scorned, they had each other

and for them that was enough


As day gave into night

the moon took a reddish hue


Its meaning clear, the terror certain

but what was there to do?


No one to help, no weapons on hand

and home so far away


Isn't it just like a restless god

to ruin a wonderful day?


Mortos' hordes fell on the land

parting man from maid


He looked away for mere moments

and for that he dearly paid


He heard his love cry out his name

as she was carried away


A sound which haunts his dreams

until the night gives over to day


Now he is found searching these lands

through hunger and through pain


Nothing sways his will

Not fear nor foe nor rain


He still searches today

a restless soul


He is incomplete

he can not be whole


If you see him some day

please tell him from me


If you let love consume you

you will never be free


That thought of itself

is scary enough


The great equalizer

No matter how tough

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Khelgar Ironfist looked at his excited son,

wondering if he ever was that keen and young.

His boy wanted to a hear a dangerous story,

maybe with a dash of some fame, wealth and glory.


His dark eyes glaring into the chimney fire,

sudden wind struck, turning it into a pyre.

He dug through his lost memories and made his choice,

then he started to speak with his deep and warm voice.


"I drank my dwarven ale in a shabby tavern,

there I heard someone talk about Deepstone cavern.

Since I always searched it and wanted to go there,

I approached the man and asked him: Please, mylord where?


His answer pointed me to an icy landscape,

all cold, wasted and barren, bare of tree and grape.

My goal was to fulfill my fathers long kept hope,

to find an ore called Irilium for me to grope.


I searched for the entrance a whole day and night long,

when I found it at last, my heart beat loud and strong.

Footsteps echoed when I entered that gloomy cave,

I felt like an explorer, all alone and brave.


After I searched a bit, I saw a glowing light,

I went deeper into the cave to get a sight.

Could it be? Yes! That must be that mythical ore.

I paused to think of my father's words a bit more.


He told me that a demon was guarding it well,

a powerful creature put there with sword and spell.

A deep roar from far behind, reached my cautious ear,

I stood there for a long second, trembling with fear.


I started to run like I never did before,

it seemed there was more to that long lost ancient lore.

I never looked back and I ran back all the way,

no Irilium could make me wishing to stay."


Overwhelmed with memories, Khelgar stopped speechless,

looking like there was much more for him to confess.

His son waited a bit, feeling the stories gap,

went to bed with mixed emotions to take a nap...

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Here is my try. I'm not native English speaker so sorry for every mistakes. It's first time when i wrote such thing, especially in English. I hope you enjoy it.


Lupus, wolfish brother!

We've waited for you,

for couple of hours.

What's better than a mug of beer

with group of mates?

At your face I can see fear!

Sit on that crates.

Quick! Tell us about it!


The road goes through forest.

Dark clouds above my head.

Icily and gloomily.

I'm heading to village.

Suddenly, the fog's risen.

Milky wall all around me.

Can't see anything!

Wait! There is a light!

Not far away. Maybe a house?

I'm going there.

Strange... It's not getting closer!

Is it further

than I first thought?

Try to run up.

A horrible laugh.

The light is comming.

Small person appears

with lamp in his hand.

Grim Lepre deceived me.

Smirk shows on his face.

He's breaking the lantern.

Rumble, cloud of smoke

Green Lepre is gone.

Silence. The fog is thinning.

Fast look around

I'm inside a maze.

I have to go out!

But what is the way?

There is a rock.

The closer I am the bigger it is.

Ruined castle right before me.

The door are open. I'm in.

Old Ogre is having a meal.

He's served by minion, undead.

Escaped screaming and running ahead.

I'm in maze again.

Few steps away Tall Gargoyle came.

God send me help!

Large Wolf strikes it from back

crushing its neck.

I have to run out!

My God!

First Gargoyle now Wolf.

He growls: "Come back!"

I'm stupid or what?!

Stopped and turning around.

"Come, I'll lead you to track.

I am your friend.

My brother, blood mate."

So scary that beast.

But heart feels it's true.

I'm calm. Follow my guide.

Remains of the mist

are scattered at last.

There is the path!

I've slipped and fallen. Stand up.

There is no Wolf, I stayed alone.

Headed on meeting with you.


My friends! This man is drunk!

He had had few shots.

I tell you the truth.

He had slept in a ditch

dreaming it all.

His blood brother is skunk,

at most. And it woke him up.

But story was fine.

Well, give him a mug!


#Edit: some typo.

Edited by learg

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