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Scary pictures

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Mwhahahahaha yes it is that time of year.



We all know draia is a pretty place full of vibrant people and beautiful scenes and views. Yet as the sun sets and darkness closes around us we also know that it is a dark and dangerous place where monsters and gods wait to claim the lives of the unwary. At no time is this more noticed than at that special time of the year when the witches and ghouls come out to play. Ohhh yes good days indeed. So in honour of these glorious dark nights we are celebrating.



Just Like previously we are holding a halloween based picture contest.


We would like to see pictures based on all things Draia. Spooky locations, horrifying monsters or dark character portraits.


The winners will be picked out by a panel of spectral judges.

The Rules

1. Lets keep them clean

2. Sensible sizes please.

3. You can use any medium to create your image .. digital art, pencil drawings or oil paintings and scanned w/e you want.

4. Contest closes on 24th october 2011

5. Max 2 entries per person


The 3 best will win a small prize from my bag of treats.


Good luck and lets show the story writers that a well crafted picture is worth 2000 words!


As requested previously a picture of my own

Every mb's worst night mare... a n00b invasion.

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4. Contest closes on 24th october 2011


I was told in game it would be tonight that it would close, So get yours in!

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Yes due to being asked in game by numerous players i have extended the contest close time. I will now close this contest on friday 28th along with the others.

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