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The Sisters of No Mercy

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Mortos, Aluwen, Lucaa, Elandria, Unolas, Jayden, Glilin, Selain, Zarin, LaForge, Galienne, Xiao: Twelve are the Gods that rule our lands, and the Sisters of No Mercy have organized twelve human / elvish / dwarven / draegoni / orchan / gnomish sacrifices in dark places of Irilion to please the Gods and increase their mana - and influence in the businesses of Draia. The bravest among you might want to foil their attempt. Others, beware!

12 caves across Irillion have been filled with different types of monsters, from rats and spiders to the very big bad meanies. Can you find them? More importantly, can you survive them, or will you be one of the human (etc.) sacrifices of the Sisters of No Mercy?


Some of the caves included interesting strategic problems, brain not included so BYO. :)


I hope you had fun; any advice/suggestion/reasonable complaint is welcome - just post here!

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great invasion, i would of liked some monsters lower but hey cant please everyone. p.s. i want my rost back :), TEMPZz.

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